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Standing the test of time, turntables are once again a top choice for music lovers of all sorts. While a flat piece of vinyl can't hold as many songs as a Spotify playlist, few things beats the ritual of putting on a record on and letting it play in its entirety, in the manner the artist intended it to be played. Not to mention the wow factor brought on by displaying your cool record collection with all the glory of awesome album covers.

Easy to use entrey level turntable
The TEAC TN-175 is great for beginners and casual listeners. The sound wno't knock you off your feet but, as it is equipped the with an Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge, it will be impressive for the price. The most compelling point is the fully automatic operation operation, allowing you to listen to 33⅓ or 45 rpm records with all the comfort of just pressing a button and sitting back.

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Pioneer DJ PLX-500
Direct drive for DJs and Music enjoyers alike
Don't let the brand fool you, Pioneer DJ's turntables can be used by anyone. The high density cabinet helps to minimize vibrations, even in noisy clubs, and settings for 33⅓, 45 or 78 rpm gives you a high degree of flexibility. Naturally, the PLX-500 is super easy to connect to a pair of active speakers via the phono output (use the line output if you have a phono amp) or even to your digital interface via the USB-out port.

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Wired or wireless with Bluetooth
Versitile yet refined, the TN-280BT-A3 is a belt-driven turntable with built in phono EQ (bypassable) and Bluetooth transmitter for convenient use with a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. A high-density MDF cabinet, aluminum die-cast platter and a built-in anti-skating mechanism gives the TN-280BT-A3 an excellently smooth and stable operation. Handles 33⅓ and 45 rpm records.

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Pro-Ject Primary E
Stylish Plug & Play
A very stylish and minimalistic turntable, the Pro-Ject Primary E doesn't save on the sound quality aspects. It punches far above its weight with its Ortofon OM cartridge and high precision aluminum tonearm, but requires either a separate phono amp or an amplifier with matching load. It is compatible with 33⅓ or 45 rpm records, and the speed setting is changed manually.

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Never going to give you upClassic German brand with a long record of classic turntables. Slightly scaled back nowadays while still producing a select line of high-quality turntables.
Never going to give you upAll things considered a fairly young manufacturer from Austria, their turntables and amplifiers are world-renown for their quality and craftmanship.


TEACA multifacted Japanese brand with decades of experience in the recording industry. Their repertoire also includes cassette players and other hi-fi sperates.
Never going to give you upAlthough they are mostly famous for being the top brand among DJs across the world, their direct-drive turntables are highly reliable and won't let anyone down.

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