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POLAROID - Being part of the legacy

Polaroid is an iconic brand that has been capturing memories for generations. Founded in 1937, their cameras and film revolutionized the way people take photos. From the iconic SX-70 camera to the Polaroid 600, Polaroid continues to produce products that are stylish and functional. Polaroid is dedicated to helping people capture and share their most meaningful moments, with their iconic rainbow-striped logo representing their commitment to innovation, quality, and creativity.

With Polaroid Music, the brand just launched a new line of colorful speakers. From small and portable to incredibly powerful, you'll find everything you need to enjoy your favorite music in style.



Easily print Polaroids from your smartphone

Compatible with iPhone and Android

  • Original POLAROID format: The Polaroid Lab turns your digital smartphone photos into analog, iconic Polaroid pictures.
  • 3 Element lens system: Thanks to an highly developed lens system the Polaroid Lab will scan your pictures perfectly. For an experience you can hold in your hand after. 
  • AR & more: The Polaroid Lab features stunning AR technologies and also lets you create stunning collages to share with your friends.


Discover the excellent sound and cool design of Polaroid`s flagship music player

Available in the colours: Black, Yellow

  • Loud & Proud: With the Polaroid P4 it is now easier than ever to conquer the center stage anywhere.
  • Easily Combine: For an even better sound experience, just combine two P4 players for outstanding stereo sound. 
  • Stay flexible : The Polaroid P4 system is fully controllable with its analog dial or via an smartphone


A film for every occasion. For memories in your hands.

Available in multiple variations

  • Instant Results: Polaroid films produce immediate prints, allowing you to see and share your moments within minutes.
  • Nostalgic Appeal: With a retro aesthetic, square format, and vintage colors, Polaroid films capture a timeless and artistic vibe that appeals to nostalgia seekers.
  • Physical Keepsakes: Polaroid films provide tangible prints, offering personal and meaningful keepsakes to treasure and display your memories.


Unleash Your Creativity with the Polaroid NOW+

The Perfect Blend of Classic Instant Photography and Modern Features

  • Instant Gratification: The Polaroid NOW+ Camera combines instant photography with a built-in printer, letting you instantly print and hold your photos for tangible memories.

  • Easy-to-Use:

    With a user-friendly interface and automatic settings, the Polaroid NOW+ Camera captures and prints photos in seconds, designed for simplicity.

  • Mood-Enhancing Filters: Explore 5 mood-enhancing lens filters for your photography. Try vibrant colors, contrast boost, and dreamy effects with filters like starburst, red vignette, and others. 


Ignite Your Imagination with the Polaroid NOW

Timeless Charm Meets Contemporary Innovation

  • Autofocus 2-lens system: Effortlessly capture sharper photos with the Polaroid Now's intelligent lens selection, delivering beautiful portraits even in low-light without flash.

  • Built-in double exposure: Add artistic flair with the ability to capture two frames in one Polaroid photograph, creating dreamy and dramatic images.

  • Self-timer: Never miss a group shot again with the self-timer feature. Simply tap to activate and gather your friends for the perfect moment captured in 9 seconds.


Polaroid is a brand that has been synonymous with instant photography for decades. Its iconic instant cameras and film have revolutionized the way we capture and share memories. But Polaroid's influence extends far beyond the realm of photography. Its unique aesthetic and instant gratification have inspired artists like Andy Warhol, who famously used Polaroid cameras to capture candid shots of celebrities and friends. Warhol's Polaroids became an integral part of his artistic process, serving as source material for his paintings and prints. Other artists, such as David Hockney and Robert Mapplethorpe, also embraced Polaroid technology, using it to create experimental and boundary-pushing works. Today, Polaroid's legacy lives on in the digital age, with artists and photographers continuing to draw inspiration from its iconic instant photography.