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Aiper - Bring vacation home

Aiper’s line of robotic pool cleaners has pushed robotic cleaning technology to new limits. With patented solutions and clever design, Aiper is revolutionizing cleaning technology, mapping your pool, and analyzing the most effective path to get the most efficient clean. Unmatched in both power and performance Aiper units navigate around your pool and any obstacles, giving your pool a pristine clean.

Hassle-free & cordless design

Experience seamless pool maintenance with Aiper's innovative, cordless pool robots. Eliminate the hassle of tangled cables and enjoy straightforward cleaning at the touch of a button. Whether for a free-standing, above-ground pool or a built-in, in-ground oasis, Aiper's robots promise a comprehensive clean. Even their smallest robot offers a robust battery life with at least 90 minutes of uninterrupted operation, making pool care worry-free and efficient. 

Innovative technology

All Aiper pool robots use their proprietary Wave Path™ technology, which optimizes the cleaning of the pool through efficient pathing to save both battery and time while delivering excellent cleaning results.

Premium models can be paired with the HydroComm buoy, which provides real-time pool water quality monitoring, including water temperature, ORP value, and pH value. When paired, you can schedule cleaning at given values and intervals to keep your pool water at the highest quality.

Easy use, easy access

When your robot is finished cleaning the pool it will place itself right next to the pool wall, making it easy and convenient for you to pick it up with the supplied hook. Some models come with the proprietary WaveLine™ technology, which makes the robot climb the wall up to the surface level once done.

Our favourite models

Seagull Pro

Mighty, wall-climbing pool robot with quad-motor system

A powerful pool robot that cleans both floors and walls with stunning precision. The large battery is enough to keep it running for up two 140 minutes, allowing it to clean pools of up to 150 m². Equipped with a large tank and efficient filter system, the Aiper Seagull Pro is all you need to keep your pool spotless.

  • Quad-motor system: the first pool robot to use a quad-motor system, two dedicated to suction power and two for the brushes for immaculate cleaning.
  • Three cleaning modes: choose between floor only, wall only or automatic modes.
  • Quick water release: releases all the water from the robots system within seconds of picking it up.

Surfer S1

Solar powered pool skimmer

The Surfer S1 harnesses solar energy for continuous power as it provides the best pool skimming experience imaginable. Simply place the device in your pool, and the solar panel will take care of the rest. Your pool will remain swim-ready throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy the hassle-free pleasures of a sparkling clean pool, all thanks to the Surfer S1.

  • Efficient cleaning: a brushless motor, paddle-wheel design and ultrasonic detectors help Surfer S1 clean efficiently while avoiding bumping into pool walls
  • Superior battery: provides up to 10 hours of action.
  • Two cleaning modes: switch between automatic and manual mode to hunt down illusive debris.

Pilot H2

Handheld pool vacuum

The hand-held Aiper Pilot H2 is great for smaller pools and particularly hard to reach places, or when you need to clean a small spot without bringing out the robot. A powerful motor and streamlined internal structure enhance water flow, suction and cleaning capabilites. Dirt, sand, leaves and other debris are collected with ease by Aiper Pilot H2.

  • Pivoting head: pesky corners and hard to reach spots are easy targets with the pivoting vacuum head.
  • High capacity: a large 1L filter canister, up to 70 minutes battery life and fast 2 hour charge timer makes it suitable even for large pools.
  • Compatible with standard pool poles: included handle too short? Pilot H2 is compatible with standard pool poles, giving you an extended reach.