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The bar with the best music is at home.

Soundbars: One of the latest additions to the world of surround sound. Just with the difference that premium sound now only requires one source unit instead of two or more. And the benefits don’t stop there: Soundbars save space, can be effortlessly installed and work well with other components despite their independent quality. And it’s exactly in this balance of compatible multi-room systematics and single-handed sound effectiveness where soundbars have their origin.


B&O BeoSound Stage

With Bluetooth, multi-room functionality and integrated streaming services such as Chromecast or AirPlay 2, the creative minds behind the Danish brand Bang & Olufsen have united the best of sound, design and technology in one revolutionary soundbar.

€ 1.500

Headphones: Everyone’s favourite companion.

Finding the right headphones is an art. They’re supposed to have a good fit, a good design and a good sound. There are so many options: wired, wireless and truly wireless. In-ear, over-ear, on-ear. With ambient awareness, noise isolation and active noise cancelling. It’s not always easy to keep up. At the moment, we love truly wireless Bluetooth sound, a long battery life and innovative features not every pair has.


adidas RPT-01 On-Ears

The inner headband and ear cushions of this model are removable and can be washed. In addition, these headphones feature 40 hours of Bluetooth playback as well as an ergonomic design and a comfortable fit.

€ 169

Libratone Track Air+

These intuitive in-ears are not only truly free from cables, but also offer ANC technology. The charging case contains 3 full extra charges, amounting to a total playback time of 24 hours.

€ 199


Fabulous Speakers

Speakers are becoming increasingly flexible. Portable? Great. Smart? Awesome. A combination of both? Perfect. Streaming is indispensable and multi-room in high demand. Today’s audio world cannot survive without either of these features. And then there are gadgets where they all come together.


Marshall Stockwell II

This portable compact speaker was built for the road and offers over 20 hours of playback in a tiny frame. A powerful companion in a very classic Marshall rock ‘n’ roll design.

€ 249

Pure DiscovR

A portable smart speaker with integrated Alexa voice assistance, 15 hours of Bluetooth playback and a multitude of functions such as song identification or Mic Drop feature, which physically disconnects the microphones for more privacy.

€ 299,99

The right accessories.

Accessories can make or break a product. Power banks, for instance, are standard issue in the world of consumer electronics. Carrying extended battery life is especially useful when travelling. Protection for your smart phone is equally important as cases guard against damage and scratches, thus offering an inexpensive solution for the prevention of costly repairs. Dash cams are an up and coming gadget for the car and offer a high security potential via smartphone connection.


Zendure SuperTank

With 100W in each of its four ports, this power bank is the strongest in the world. It can fully charge a 15’’ MacBook Pro in only 1.5 hours. Thanks to pass-through charging, this little champion can charge and be charged at the same time.

€ 169,95

iDeal of Sweden Fashion Case

The smartphone cases by iDeal of Sweden are beautifully stylish and equally robust. They offer ultimate protection for your phone, leave controls accessible and look like straight off the catwalk.

€ 29,99

Nextbase 522 GW Dash Cam

This revolutionary dash cam is equipped with Alexa voice assistance, an emergency SOS system, parking mode function, HD display and automated Bluetooth synchronicity. A new standard for technology and safety worldwide.

€ 229,99