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adidas RPT-01

  • No sweat: IPX4 rated water resistance with sweatproof, splashproof construction.

  • Life in motion: Ergonomic design with 360° swivel, ensuring a comfortable, flexible fit throughout your workout.

  • Total control: Create custom shortcuts with the easy-to-use control knob and action button.

  • Go the distance: Enjoy up to 40 hours playtime with super-fast USB-C charging.

  • Rinse & repeat: Removable, washable knitted ear cushions and inner headband.

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adidas FWD-01

  • Seamless: Knitted, tangle-free cord with easy-to-use controls.

  • Made to measure: Create the perfect fit with interchangeable ear tips and ear wings.

  • Always ready: Magnetic earbuds for round-the-neck storage.

  • Superior sound: Enjoy up to 16 hours playtime with auto-pause, passive transparency and super-fast USB-C charging.

  • No sweat: IPX4-rated water resistance with sweatproof, splashproof construction.

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Never on Pause

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adidas - Never on Pause

adidas headphones are created with one goal in mind: to help you perform to your outmost. Whether it’s headphones for working out, jogging, running or sporting adidas got you covered. Their first two products are a couple sweatproof and water-resistant wireless headphones of knitted sport material and ergonomic design for comfortable wear, ensuring that they will remain comfortable against sweaty skin and won't break after being roughly stuffed into your sports bag. A durable construction alone is not enough, as both headphones boast a superior sound with a deep, powerful bass and long battery life. Afterall, a good pair of durable IPX4 headphones must last at least for the whole workout with a great sound, and both the adidas RPT-01 and FWD-01 go way beyond that by comfortable taking you from your home and boosts you through your training before taking you back home again with your favourite playlists and a lot of battery to spare. If you're running low on battery, a quick charge through USB-C will do the trick. The latest Bluetooth version, Bluetooth 5.0 makes sure the connection won’t break, letting you go through your training uninterrupted. They won’t break a sweat, and won’t break from your sweat while you push yourself to your limits. They are never on pause, and neither should you be.