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Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct drive turntable Black

The PLX-500 inherits the layout of the PLX-1000 professional turntable and produces a warm, clear analogue sound.

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The PLX-500 inherits the layout of the PLX-1000 professional turntable and produces a warm, clear analogue sound. The perfect deck if you want to start playing with vinyl or if you just want to listen to your record collection at home.

Solidly built with excellent vibration damping and precise audio playback, this high-torque deck has a USB out so you can make digital recordings of your vinyl collection in our free rekordbox software. You can also combine the PLX-500 with the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, a compatible mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl to play and scratch with digital files.

Excellent sound design

Just like the PLX-1000, the PLX-500 is built to produce a high-quality vinyl sound. The shortest possible audio routing from the stylus to the outputs reduces distortion, while the phone/line output switch lets you connect directly to your sound system or to powered speakers with no need for an external amplifier.

Easy digital recording

Record your vinyl collection to high-quality digital files by simply connecting the turntable to your PC or Mac via the USB out.

Smooth DJ play

Use the PLX-500 to mix and scratch your vinyl records or combine the turntable with rekordbox dvs, a compatible DJ mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl to play and perform with your digital files.

Cover art display

Put your record covers on display while listening to your vinyl thanks to the sleeve stand inside the dust cover.

Pick your colour

The PLX-500 is available in black or white to match the colour of your gear or the interior of your home.

Start from scratch

This turntable comes with all the accessories you need to get started: a dust cover with jacket stand, a slipmat and a silver edition PC-HS01-S headshell (cartridge and stylus included).

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:PLX-500-K
Product weight:12.218 kilograms
Dimensions and Weight
Product weight: 12.218kg
Packsize height: 26cm
Packsize width: 55cm
Packsize length: 45.5cm

    The power does not turn on.

    1. Is the power cord connected correctly? Connect the power cord to a power outlet. Refer to “Connections” in the Operating Instructions for details.
    2. Is the [POWER] switch set to [ON]? Set the [POWER] switch to [ON].

    There is no sound, or the volume is very low.

    1. Are the audio cables connected correctly? Set the PHONO/LINE switches correctly to match the input terminals to which devices are connected. Refer to “Connections” in the Operating Instructions for details.
    2. Are the terminals or plugs dirty? Wipe off the dirt from the terminals and plugs before connecting them. Wipe off the dirt from the headshell and tone arm connection points before connecting.
    3. Is the headshell attached correctly? Connect the headshell correctly. Refer to “Before you start” in the Operating Instructions for details.

    The needle skips when I perform scratching.

    Possible reasons could be as follows.
    1. The tone arm and cartridge are not connected correctly.
     - Refer to the Operating Instructions for information on how to connect.
    2. The tone arm and needle pressure are not adjusted correctly.
     - Refer to the adjustment methods detailed in the Operating Instructions, and adjust the settings so that they are appropriate to the needle being used.
    3. The record is dirty, scratched, or worn.
     - Clean records with a dedicated cleaner, and use records that are in good condition as much as possible.
    4. The tip of the needle is worn or broken.
     - Replace the needle with a new one.
    5. The product is inclined.
     - To the extent possible, use the product in a horizontal location where it is not affected by external vibrations. 
      Additionally, the insulators can be turned to make minor adjustments to move the unit to the horizontal.

    The tone arm moves, even though anti-skating is set to 0.

    This is the efficiency of this unit. When adjusting needle pressure, adjust positioning so that the tone arm is balanced when still.

    The TEMPO slider value does not match the actual rotation speed.

    The TEMPO slider value is approximate. Please use it as a guide when adjusting the tempo.

    I cannot record in rekordbox.

    Please check the following.
    (1) Is “USB REC” displayed in the recording source selection window of the rekordbox REC panel?
    If not displayed: The computer has not recognized the device. Check if the USB cable is connected correctly to the computer.
    (2) When playing a record, does the level meter on the rekordbox REC panel move?
    If the level meter does not operate, or if the meter does not move: The recording level may be set low. Use the recording adjustment knob to set an appropriate recording level.

    Strobe pattern does not stop even when the TEMPO slider is set to 0 when playing at 45 rpm.

    The pattern display due to the strobe illuminator is an approximate display. For a 50 Hz power supply, and when set to 45 rpm, the pattern does not stop completely. This is in accordance with product specifications.

    The volume is high (distortion)

    Is the audio cable connected correctly? Set the PHONO/LINE switch to match the input terminals that devices are connected. Refer to “Connections” in the Operating Instructions for details.

    Noise is generated in output sound

    If a USB cable and audio cable from the unit are each used to connect to a different peripheral device and then those two peripheral devices are additionally connected together with a USB cable or other cable, noise may be generated in the output sound because the cables will form a loop.
    In that case, disconnect any cable that is unnecessary depending on the purpose.