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ROMY L6 Performance White

The ROMY L6 Performance is a powerful and efficient robot vacuum cleaner suitable for large households with its 5200 Pa suction power, 200-minute run time, and 960 ml dust bin. It features a lamellar and bristle combination brush, a spot cleaning function, scheduled cleaning, and a smart navigation with built-in laser. The robot has five suction power levels and is one of the most quiet robots in its class. It can climb up to 2 cm and is only 8.6 cm high, making it suitable for hard-to-reach areas.

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Powerful cleaning for large households

With its 5200 Pa strong suction power, the excellent cleaning performance and 200 minutes run time, ROMY L6 Performance is an ideal support for big households. Whether tiles, wooden floors or carpets - your ROMY does the job.

960 ml dust bin for greater autonomy

Romy L6 Performance has one of the largest dust bins on the market. This means, you don’t have to worry about cleaning for up to 3 weeks!

Lamellar and bristle combination brush

The perfect combination of super strong suction power, lamellar and bristle combination brush, the large dust bin and a fine particle filter help you to keep your home hygienically clean.

Cleaning tool

Particularly long hair or fibers can easily be removed from the brush with the cleaning tool.

Spot on

Use the spot cleaning function to send ROMY exactly where you want him to clean. Is there chaos on the carpet after a movie night? Let ROMY vacuum with pinpoint accuracy.

ROMY L6 does not need a large station

No space for a large cleaning station? ROMY L6 Performance has one of the biggest dust bins on the market. With its 960 ml capacity and 250 ml water tank, the L6 offers the benefits of an autonomous cleaning system without the high cost and space requirements of an auto-empty station. Don’t worry about cleaning for up to 3 weeks!

Strong against dirt

With its 5200 Pa strong suction power and 200 min running time, ROMY L6 is the ideal support for households in which there is a lot to do. Does not matter if tiles, wooden floors or carpets.

Silent mode

Despite its intense suction power, ROMY L6 is one of the most quiet robots in its class. 5 suction power levels are possible: Auto, Eco, Min, Med and Max. For instance, in the Eco or Min mode, ROMY is particularly quiet.

The built-in laser makes ROMY super slim

ROMY L6 is one of the slimmest laser robots on the market. Instead of a dome on the top, we built the LIDAR front laser into the casing. As a result, ROMY L6 is only 8.6 cm high and can clean in hard-to-reach places, under cupboards or the couch. No more bending down while vacuuming!

Smart navigation

With its intelligent LIDAR front laser navigation, your robot reacts immediately to obstacles and changes in its environment. As a result, he rarely bumps into anything, always knows where he is and finds his way back to the charging station when his work is done. After a first short exploration run, your ROMY is immediately ready for use

Autonomous and smart

If ROMY runs out of battery during a cleaning session, it returns to the charging station on its own. As soon as the robot has finished charging, it automatically continues cleaning.

Sustainably cleaned

To extend its service life, you can clean ROMY’s fine particle filter under running water. You can also replace the battery of our ROMY models at the end of its lifetime – good for your wallet and the environment.

Data privacy

The security of your data is important to us. We store the data we receive securely on our European data server. We only use them to improve our service and our products. We do not pass them on to third parties without being asked.

Everything according to plan

Set fixed days, times, rooms and areas in the app. ROMY cleans autonomously and independently. Different cleaning modes can be assigned to rooms or areas. For example, the robot can automatically reduce the volume when it drives past the children’s room.

Climbing ability of 2cm

ROMY overcomes obstacles such as carpet edges or doorsteps up to 2 cm.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:ROB-5820-100018-0W
Product weight:3.5 kilograms
Control Methods
Controls: Voice Assistant
On Device
App Controlled
Voice assistant integration: Alexa
Cleaning route: Systematic
Navigation method: Laser
Room detection: Yes
No-go zones: Yes
Capable of storing maps for multiple floors: Yes
Scheduling: Yes
Max barrier/threshold height: 20mm
Carpet detection: Yes
Drop detection: Yes
Brush Width: 168ml
Mopping function: Yes
Sound level: 62-80dB
Suction: 4000-5200Pa
Dust capacity: 1100ml
Cleaning modes, dry: 5
Cleaning modes, wet: 3
Water flow level adjustment: 3 choosable programs
Water tank capacity: 250ml
Washable filter: Yes
Washable water tank: Yes
Max working time, vacuuming: 200min
Battery capacity: 5000mAh
Charging time: 4-5h
Battery type: Battery Pack
Dimensions and Weight
Product height: 8.6cm
Product width: 35cm
Product length: 35cm
Product weight: 3.5kg
Packsize height: 48.5cm
Packsize width: 14.5cm
Packsize length: 40.5cm
Packaged weight: 5.8kg
Energy Management
Input voltage: 100-240V
Input AC frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Supplied power plug: F

    Will my robot damage furniture?

    The robot has multiple sensors that recognize furniture and other objects and prevent most collisions. This will ensure minimal bumping into your furniture. You can create no-go areas for items you're most concerned about.

    Will my robot work in the dark?

    Yes, the robot will complete its tasks very reliably, even when it is completely dark.

    Can I start/use my robot without an exploration run?

    Yes. You can simply press the PLAY/PAUSE button and your robot will clean the entire accessible area. Note: the robot can only create and save a map after an exploration run.

    When will the robot return to the docking station?

    The robot will automatically return to the docking station after it has finished cleaning, when the battery needs to be charged, or when you press the HOME button.

    How does the robot plan its route?

    The robot divides your home environment into areas (e.g., rooms) which are cleaned one by one starting from the edges and systematically moving over the surface in lanes.

    Can I use the robot on a different floor?

    Yes, you can use the robot on a different floor. Simply place the robot on another floor and press the PLAY/PAUSE button. You can also create an additional map for another floor of your home. Enable the Multimap feature in the settings and start a new exploration run.

    Can I move the robot to another room and start cleaning from there?

    Yes, you can move the robot to another room and start cleaning there. The robot will automatically locate itself, if the room is on the map. You can also tell the robot to clean individual rooms on the map using the app. After cleaning, the robot will automatically return to the docking station.

    Can I restrict the cleaning areas?

    Yes. To do so, simply define no-go areas that the robot should avoid in the app.

    What is a no-go area and how can I create it?

    A no-go area is a special area that the robot shouldn't enter. To add a no-go area, access the Edit map screen, tap Add area and select No-go area. You can also set an entire room to be a no-go area.

    Does the calendar support daylight saving time?

    The robot switches between daylight saving and standard time automatically if it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    I want to use the robot on another floor. Do I need an additional docking station?

    No, you do not need an additional docking station for the robot to be operated on another floor. However, you may choose to purchase an additional dock for additional floors for added versatility.

    Can I use Alexa without the Echo device?

    Yes, you can use Alexa without the Echo device. Simply use the Alexa app on your smartphone or device to control your robot with voice commands.

    Which commands can I use to communicate via Alexa?

    All commands are listed in the skill description in the Alexa App or on the Amazon homepage. You can find the Skill description in the Alexa App → More → Skills & games → Your skills → select the right skill → Show more

    For what size of home is the robot suitable?

    The robot can clean areas of up to 200 m² with a single map. The map takes into account the area resulting from the largest length and width of the floor space. For example, the actual living space is smaller for an L-shaped floor plan. If the living space is too large, part of the area can be partitioned off during the exploration and then the remaining part of the living space can be saved on a separate map by completing a second exploration.

    What types of floor can I use the robot on?

    You can use the robot on all types of hard floor and short pile carpets. Consider creating a no-go area for long carpets to avoid any issues.

    Will my robot clean all edges and corners?

    Yes, the robot will clean every corner of your home with the help of its side brushes.

    Will my robot fall down the stairs?

    No, the robot has multiple floor sensors that prevent falls.