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Fujifilm INSTAX Printer mini Link 2 space blue

The INSTAX mini Link 2, the very first INSTAX smartphone printer that connects the real world with the virtual one in a wonderfully simple but very fun way. Why just take pictures when you can also create credit card-sized instant images that reflect your most beautiful moments?

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Print your movement

Draw with the printer - Hold down the function button on your INSTAX mini Link 2 and swing your arms to enter the virtual world of instaxAir. When the printer vibrates, it means it is drawing. Whatever you draw, be it an umbrella or a heart, it will appear on your instant photo.

Print your creativity

Draw with your smartphone - Activate our new AR mode instaxAir in the app and add personal drawings to your instant photos. Before taking a photo, choose a brush type (such as bubbles, petals, neon colors, graffiti or glitter) and start drawing.

Print a laugh

Making of Video - Time to move... instaxAir responds in real time to the mini Link 2's movements and captures a video of you drawing a message. The message is stored as a QR code on your instant photo that can be scanned with your phone. An unforgettable instant picture you can keep, and a "making of" that will make you laugh.

Easy printing

Swipe 'n' print - It's quick and easy to bring your pictures into the real world. Using the INSTAX mini Link app, select the photo you want to print and let your creativity run wild. Add text, resize, apply a filter, play with contrasts, then connect wirelessly to INSTAX mini Link 2 before swiping up to print.

Frame Print

Take a picture and add a fun frame to match the mood. Do you want it to be funny, creepy, artistic, or totally crazy?


And to make sure your videos don't miss out either, Video Print lets you easily pick your favorite scene from your video clip and print it out. Freezing a moment forever has never been easier!

Collage Print

Collage printing lets you combine all your favorite moments into a single instant photo to tell even more of your story.


With over 1,200 in-app stickers to place on your designs, you'll find a sticker for every occasion.


Small, lightweight and with an eye-catching striped texture -the INSTAX mini Link 2 in Soft Pink, Clay White or Space Blue is something to marvel at. The colored LED light on the INSTAX button is not only stylish, but also informs you about the mode and battery of your mini Link 2 printer. The function button on the top is used for drawing in AR.

Print Mode

Choose your look - Use INSTAX Rich mode for rich colors or choose INSTAX Natural for that classic instant feel. Two different color outputs, two distinctive options. Both are stylish, both offer the highest image quality, both are ideal for vacations, festivals, birthdays and travel photos.

Motion-sensitive controls

Let it rip - Keep moving with your INSTAX mini Link 2. Got a favorite photo? Reprint it in a snap by holding the printer upright in print mode. Fancy a bit of creative madness? Put it on the back in fun mode. Want to control it with your smartphone? Activate the INSTAX camera mode.

Draw, edit and print

Bring out your creativity. Capture your own sketch or any graphic with the app and add it to your instant picture.

Match Test

Smart minds... - ...think alike? Find out with the INSTAX mini Link app. The brand new "follow your instinct" mode tests your compatibility - will you find your perfect match? If you're more of a quiz type, the game test is for you. Answer the questions and print the results on an instant picture of you and your BFF.

Easy printing

Not only can you print all your favorite pictures from your smartphone, but you can also connect your printer to the FUJIFILM X-S10 camera and print directly.

mini Film

Unique moments in credit card size - Your moment, your style and your eye for a great shot. All captured with our INSTAX mini Film. Special moments to keep or give away.

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