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Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier

Modern air purifier for rooms up to 50 m². Comes with Blue Diva and Dark Shadow filters.

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Blueair recommends a filer change every 6-12 months, depending on use and model, to keep your air purifier as effective as possible. Get your replacement filter already when you buy your air purifier and get 30% off on the filter price!

Built for larger rooms

As unique as you are

Blueair Blue Pure 221 can easily be moved around the house and placed in different rooms, and with the colourful prefilters there's no worry of not having it match the interior. Pick between Crystal pink, the Grey Lunar Rock, Buff yellow, Diva Blue (included) or the black Dark shadow (included).

Place it wherever you want

Although it is ideal for rooms up to 50 m², there's nothing stopping you from putting it in smaller rooms, and you do not have to worry about where in the room you place it. 360° air intake ensures that wherever you place the Blueair Blue Pure 221, it will keep providing your room with clean and healthy air.

Quiet operation

With the use of specialised polyproplen filter media, the Blue Pure 221 achieves operation as quiet as a whisper on lowest setting, or at the level of rain at the highest.

Energy efficient

You do not have to worry about your energy bill or your environmental footprint when running Blue Pure 221 day and night, it is ENERGY STAR-certified for its low energy consumption.

Traps harmful substances

Built for larger rooms up to 50 m², the Blueair Blue Pure 221 pulls in air from all sides and the advanced filtration ensures that 99.9 % of all airborne particles stay in the filter.

Smooth cleaning

The Colourful prefilters aren't just for show, they also make it easy to keep the air purifier clean. Once the prefilter starts getting dirty, just give it a run with the vaccum or throw it in the washing machine.

HEPA filter unit with integrated smoke filter

This air purifier comes with a combination filter that neutralises particles as well as tobacco smoke and various odours. With the help of the activated carbon, which is incorporated into the filter as a net, it effectively filters odours from the kitchen, cellar, cigarette smoke, animal odours and gases.


Operation works very effortlessly via touch screen, and changing the filter with a twist motion is equally simple.


The air purifier works with a 360° all-round air intake. Compared to other devices, the unit is extremely power-intensive. The purified air is discharged upwards. Due to the pre-filter, which can be selected in a colour that can be adapted, the modern - yet timeless design of the Blue Pure 221 integrates ideally into any room. The white part is the combi-filter HEPA/smoke.

Silently at work

Thanks to the low noise level, the Blue 221 air purifier can even be used in the bedroom at night on the lowest setting.

For more specifications, see the datasheet in the downloads tab.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:102936
Product weight:7.0 kilograms
Technical specifications
Air quality monitoring: No
Clean air delivery rate (m³/h) - pollen: 590
Clean air delivery rate (m³/h) - dust: 590
App-controlled: No
Clean air delivery rate (m³/h) - smoke: 590
Fan speed settings: 3
Recommended filter change: 6-12 Month(s)
Recommended room size (2 ACH) 120m²
Recommended room size (5 ACH) 50m²
Sound level: 31-56dB
Timer: No
Energy Management
Power consumption: 30W
Power consumption: 30-61W