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Blueair Blue3410 Air Purifier, Arctic Trail

An air purifier that easily matches your personal style and helps create a comfortable environment in your home with a 360° air intake to completely clean the air in the room every 12 minutes. Recommended for rooms up to 36 m².

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Blueair recommends a filer change every 6-12 months, depending on use and model, to keep your air purifier as effective as possible. Get your replacement filter already when you buy your air purifier and get 30% off on the filter price!

More clean air, less noise, less energy

Blueair's unique filtration technology that we call HEPASilent™ sets them apart. The combination of electrostatic and mechanical allows Bluair to use filters that are less dense and require less air pressure than traditional HEPA filters without a loss in performance— resulting in quieter and more energy efficient air purifiers.

One-button control with Auto mode

Forget about adjusting settings and knobs - control it all from one-button. Press once for Auto mode, twice for Night mode, three times for Everyday mode, and four times for Boost mode. Equipped with smart sensor that automatically adjusts to real-time air quality conditions to ensure clean air at the touch of a button. 

Interchangeable premium pre-filter colors

Personalize the style of your Blueair purifier with 5 premium pre-filter color options that are inspired by Scandinavian nature. In seconds, you can change the look of your air purifier to match your interior style. Available in Arctic trail (dark grey), Winter reed (light grey), Archipelago sand (pink), Aurora light (green) and Night waves (blue).

Independently verified to remove particles

With Blueair's unique HEPASilent™ filtration technology, Blue 3410 removes >99% of even the smallest particles like dust, pollen, mold and pet dander that can cause and exacerbate allergies.*

*Based on third-party testing of removal rate of particles, PM2.5 in 60 minutes according to JEM 1467-2015 standard and pollen particles (7.234µm) in 30 minutes according to AHAM AC-1-2019 standard.

Kills 99% of germs*

Through its unique combination of high airflow and electrostatic charging, HEPASilent™ technology kills 99% of germs.*

*Tested on the filter media. Deactivation of germs on natural flora (excluding virsues) under normal temperature and humidity coniditons. Blueair air purifiers have not been tested against Coronavirus, and Blueair does not claim to capture, remove, or kill SARS-CoV-2.

Auto-adjust to real-time conditions

With the Auto mode feature, Blue's smart sensor will monitor real-time air quality conditions and auto-adjust to  optimize performance ensuring clean air in your home.

Easy air quality indicator

Air quality is measured by the concentration of fine particles (PM2.5) in your indoor air. Blue air purifier's LED air quality indicator (AQI) uses a color-scale to identify air quality conditions as good, moderate or polluted.

Whisper-silent clean air delivery

Many air purifiers cannot produce a high volume of clean air without making a lot of noise. The Blue 3410 uses HEPASilent™ filtration technology to deliver its powerful performance  – quieter than a whisper (23 dB) on the lowest setting and normal conversation (53 dB) on the highest.

Energy efficient

HEPASilent™ technology delivers more clean air using less energy than a lightbulb. Even on the highest setting, the Blue 3410 air purifier only uses 35 watts.

Verified to clean up to 36 m² in 12 minutes

The Blue 3410 is recommended for smaller rooms of up to 36 m² (388 ft²). With a tiny footprint and very low noise levels, this makes it ideal to place in bedrooms.


The Autostart feature automatically restarts the air purifier at the last set speed after it's unplugged, used with a power switch timer, or if a power failure occurs.

Simple to place

With a large 360° intake, you can place the Blue air purifier anywhere in your room without compromising performance. Unlike some air purifiers which have limits on where you can use them, with Blue you have the freedom to place your air purifier wherever you want.

Intuitive indicator lights

With just a quick push of a button you can easily check how the Blue air purifier is running. Gently glows white to indicate selected fan speed and will change to red, letting you know when it is time to change the filter.

Filter life

We recommend replacing the main filter every 6-months when used 24 hours a day and cleaning the pre-filter fabric as needed to maintain optimal performance and ensure your warranty remains intact.

Designed in Sweden

Blue is designed in Sweden for highest quality, safety and sustainability.  

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:105703
Product weight:3.2 kilograms
Technical specifications
Air quality monitoring: Yes
Clean air delivery rate (m³/h) - pollen: 415
Clean air delivery rate (m³/h) - dust: 525
App-controlled: No
Clean air delivery rate (m³/h) - smoke: 425
Fan speed settings: 3, Automatic
Filter technology: HEPAsilent
Recommended filter change: 6-12 Month(s)
Recommended room size (2 ACH) 86m²
Recommended room size (5 ACH) 36m²
Sound level: 23-53dB
Timer: No
Energy Management
Power consumption: 3W
Power consumption: 3-35W