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Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 Add-on cont Rekordbox DJ/DVS

Whether you use turntables, multi-players or external devices, the DDJ-XP1 will bring a whole new sphere of creative possibilities to your DJ performances.

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Intuitive layout

The layout is divided into an upper section controlling key and beat sync status, while the lower section triggers the 32 Performance Pads. FX are dynamically controlled by touching the Slide FX strips.

Performance pads

32 multicoloured pads help you craft unique sets and get the most out of rekordbox performance features. These tactile pads boast the lowest latency of any DJ controller, and are built to remain that way even after hitting hard, time after time.

Slide FX

Dynamically control your chosen combination of FX by touching the Slide FX strips and moving your finger up and down, without needing to switch the selected FX on or off.

Performance features

Unlock rekordbox performance features by simply connecting the unit to your PC/Mac. And, if you subscribe to the Creative plan, use Cloud Library Sync for seamless library management across multiple devices, and easily make custom versions of tracks in Edit mode.

Key shift

Automatically change the key of your next track to match the master deck and shift keys up or down to mix any combination of tracks in perfect harmony.


The keyboard lets you improvise with sounds and create musical phrases similar to synths or other instruments. Select a Hot Cue or create a new one, then trigger it in different semitones using the pads.

Pad editor

Customise the arrangement of your 32 performance pads by assigning your favourite pad modes and features to each pad.

Silent Cue

Avoid the music speeding up as your turntable starts to revolve by switching on Silent Cue. The music will restart instantly at the correct BPM when you press play on a stopped deck.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:DDJ-XP1
Product weight:1.5 kilograms
Dimensions and Weight
Product weight: 1.5kg
Packsize height: 30.5cm
Packsize width: 41.5cm
Packsize length: 10cm

    Is having a DDJ-XP1 enough to be able to use Serato DJ?

    No, a separate DJ mixer (e.g., DJM-S9) or DJ controller (e.g., DDJ-SX2) for which the Serato DJ software can be authenticated is required. Furthermore, you need to perform MIDI mapping for this unit yourself.

    Does the DDJ-XP1 use an AC adapter?

    No, there is no need for an AC adapter.
    This unit is only supported on USB bus power.

    Are the performance pads’ functions the same as on the DJM-S9?

    The default pad modes of DDJ-XP1 and DJM-S9 are as follows.



    With DDJ-XP1, you can customize the pad modes in Pad Editor. For details, refer to the Pad Editor Operation Guide of the rekordbox product site. 

    Can DJ software other than rekordbox dj be used?

    This unit is designed so that it can be used as a general purpose MIDI controller.

    Do the MIDI connection specifications support DIN terminals?

    No. MIDI signals are input and output through the USB port.

    Does the DDJ-XP1 support restarting from the computer's standby and sleep modes?

    Operation is not guaranteed when the computer has been restarted from the standby or sleep mode.

    Can 16 HOT CUE points be handled also in the EXPORT MODE of rekordbox?

    In PERFORMANCE MODE, the number of HOT CUE points that can be set for each track has been expanded to the 16 points A to P from rekordbox 5.0.
    In EXPORT MODE, the number is still the 8 points A to H. Therefore, in the case of the HOT CUE points I to P set in PERFORMANCE MODE, they cannot be handled in EXPORT MODE, and also cannot be exported as data to external devices like CDJ or XDJ.

    When should I use the [INT] button?

    Use it as an emergency workaround measure in the event that playback in the REL mode or ABS mode cannot be continued due to some kind of accident during a performance using rekordbox dvs. In such a case, playback without using signals from a control CD or vinyl will be possible.

    MASTER TEMPO sometimes turns on automatically?

    MASTER TEMPO will turn on automatically for a performance with the pad mode in the KEYBOARD mode or when the key of the track is changed in the key shift mode.

    What is KEYBOARD mode?

    It enables a performance with a pitch assigned for a hot cue. A pitch can be assigned to each pad to enable a melody to be played using the pads just like a keyboard.