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The holiday season 2020 will be different. Not everyone is keen to go on a crowded plane wearing face masks, and taking the Falcon 9 up to the International Space Station isn't an option for most terrestrials either. That's where the car comes in. With the right equipment and our "Take 3 Pay 2" #DealsOnWheels campaign, your holiday can start the moment you start the engine and last until the end of summer. 


Rock the Road

Rock the Road

Rock the RoadReady to hit the road? Rock out to classic after classic en route to Paradise City and all the way to Mars with Guns N’ Roses and David Bowie.
Straight Outta Parking

Straight Outta Parking

Straight Outta ParkingCruise highways and country roads to the best tunes in hip-hop. Go to New York with Jay-Z, visit Miami with Will Smith and share some California love with 2Pac.
80s Refuelled

80s Refuelled

80s RefuelledThis playlist lets you time travel through the awesome 1980s. You’ll have one night in Bangkok and a walk on the moon. With Toto, even Africa is just a song away.
Caraoke Allstars

Caraoke Allstars

Caraoke AllstarsIt’s gonna be 500 miles of sing-alongs. Go on holiday with Green Day and find places somewhere over the rainbow. Oh, what a wonderful world of music to travel!

Entertainment for the whole group: These curated car games are versatile, easy to follow and, most of all, fun:

#1 Rocket Ship License Bingo
This one is all about interpreting the sequence of letters on the license plates of cars you see. For instance, if one reads "AA", you could translate that to "aliens ahead" or anything you can come up with, really. 

#2 Mars or Mercury?
One person asks the others players a question which requires them to make a decision between two given options. For example, the question could be "Would you rather live on the moon or on Mars?"

#3 Superlatives in Space
Someone makes a statement, and players have to decide who in the car is the most likely candidate. For instance, "Who is most likely to forget their helmet before a space walk?"


Simple apps can entertain children for hours. These are our top 3:

#1 Idle Tycoon: Space Company
Run a space program, manage facilities. recruit a team, enter wormholes and unlock achievements while exploring the universe.

#2 Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
Pilot a spaceship and use its weaponries to protect Earth from alien enemies as you navigate through 140 levels of combat.

#3 SkyView Lite
Track planets, stars, constellations and more in the sky. The app even provides info on your sightings.