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Westinghouse Electric 1.7L Retro Kettle, Red

1.7L electric kettle with classic retro designed look. Comes with dishwasher-safe, removable limescale filter.

About the Retro Kettle

There’s nothing like a cup of tea to start the day right or a heart-warming soup after a long day. The electric Westinghouse RETRO KETTLE with classic retro designed look, will make sure you can prepare tea or boil water for a coffee or soup in style. The water boils very quickly thanks to the high wattage of 2,200W.

360 Rotatable Base Station

The Westinghouse Retro Kettle; A retro design with modern functions. The Kettle can be rotated 360 degrees on the base station for convenient lifting and setting. The Kettle is equipped with an integrated light that lightens up when you switch the Kettle on. To ensure safety the Retro Kettle features and automatic shut-off when the water has reached 100°C.

Great Capacity

The Large capacity of 1.7L allows boiling enough water for approximately 7 cups of boiled water. When the Retro Kettle is filled for one cup (250ml) the water is boiled within 45 seconds. This green option saves on the electric bill. Measure the correct amount of water with the handy water level marker.

Removable Limescale Filter

The limescale filter included in the Westinghouse Retro Kettle keeps the water clear. To keep the water quality, it is advised to rinse the filter occasionally. Rinsing the filter of the Westinghouse Retro Kettle has been made easy by designing a dishwasher safe filter.

Boil-dry Protection

The Retro Kettle includes a boil-dry protection system, which makes the Kettle safe to use. The Kettle immediately shuts off the heating element when there is now water in the tank or if the water runs out during use. This prevents boiling dry and overheating. Fill the water tank with cold water (up to the MAX indication), to be able to use the appliance again.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:WKWKH148RD
Product weight:1.835 kilograms