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Blueair Replacement SmartFilter for HealthProtect 7400 series

Fits following Blueair HealthProtect™ models: 7410i, 7440i, 7470i

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Blueair Replacement SmartFilter for HealthProtect™ 7400 series

Blueair’s most advanced filter, SmartFilter is designed to deliver superior performance. The technology allows the air purifiers to deliver more clean air with less noise and less energy. The electrostatic charged particles stick to the filters efficiently, and the activated carbon integrated in the filters absorbs any odors and gases. This HEPASilent Ultra™ technology combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration to remove 99,97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron such as allergens, dust, pollen, mold, dander, viruses & bacteria’s, VOCs, and odors.

Optimized for HEPASilent Ultra

The SmartFilter are specifically optimized for use together with HEPASilent Ultra™ technology. HEPASilent Ultra™ delivers 50% more clean air, uses 55% less energy and has a 10% lower noise than traditional true HEPA filtration.

Removes pollutants and allergens

Removes airborne pollutants and allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, fine smoke particles and more. The filter structure even resists clogging to maintain maximum airflow.

Effectively removes chemicals, VOCs and odors

Activated natural coconut carbon has a large adsorbent surface area, and is used to effectively remove chemicals, gases, VOCs and annoying household odors from the air.


Equipped with a smart RFID chip to accurately monitor filter status and automatically reset the filter replacement indicator when a new filter is installed. The smart sensor algorithm accurately calculates how polluted the air is and tells you when it's time to change the filter (6-12 months). When it's time to replace the filter, the filter indicator on the unit will turn red and the Blueair app will send you a notification.

Booklet design

Blueair's Swedish heritage inspires them to put quality at the heart of everything they do. The booklet design of the SmartFilter means you can easily remove them from your air purifier while trapping in pollutants, so they are not released back into the air.

Efficient pre-filtration

HealthProtect™ air purifier comes with cleanable pre-filters, which conveniently pop-out for quick maintenance and cleaning, to significantly extend the lifetime of the main filter.

Naturally antibacterial

The naturally antibacterial polypropylene fibers in Blueair filters prevent bacteria and mold growth, so Blueair filters never put bacteria and mold back into the air.

Whisper silent

Due to the use of both electrostatic and mechanical filtration, the filter media in Blueair filters is less dense than comparable media. Lower density enables air to move through the filter at a lower pressure, so you get high performance with a whisper-silent delivery of clean air.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:105713
Product weight:1.0 kilograms
Technical Specifications
Compatible models: HealthProtect 7440
HealthProtect 7470