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Receiver and amplifier are terms everyone looking to install a home cinema will come across. The difference between the two, however, is not always all that clear. Basically, an amplifier consists of the pre-amp, which readies the minimum input level of the original signal, and the main-amp, which then boosts the signal enough to power speakers. Meanwhile, a stereo receiver does everything an amp does but has additional functions such as volume control and radio tuner. If you want to experience the visual and establish a connection between receiver and TV to stream videos and the like, you will need an AV receiver. A home theatre, for many, is synonymous with surround sound. Simply put, surround sound is about speakers. Receiver and amplifier are about how it gets there. At Eleonto, you will find a wide and versatile range of all these devices. Take your pick!


There are many different versions of apparatuses you can get. A Bluetooth receiver makes switching between digital and analogue easy. Hi-fi amplifiers channel the essence of sound and music. Sat receivers transform the quality of satellite TV. There are so many things these units can do. They enhance image and sound. They know Dolby Atmos and 4K. They represent some of the finest brands on the market. After all, Pioneer receivers have a reputation for the same reason Onkyo amplifiers do – stellar performance and classic design. Savour the possibilities out there! Enjoy the best films and the best Netflix series in HD. Watch battles in Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings unfold in front of you or follow your favourite band on tour in your living room. Bring everything home - from the club to the movie theatre to the next Champions League game! When it comes to audio, when it comes to amplifiers and receivers, you can count on Eleonto. Because we base our assortment on informed research and promising conceptualisation. We go all out!

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