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Blueair Replacement Filter for DustMagnet 5200 series

Replacement ComboFilters for Blueair Air Purifiers DustMagnet 5210i and 5240i. One set contains two filters.
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Set of genuine Blueair replacement ComboFilters compatible with DustMagnet™ 5210i and 5240i air purifier models (one set includes two pieces). The air purifiers' dual air intake design uses two filters to maximize the filter area.

The combination particle and carbon filter protects against both gaseous and particulate contaminates. Advanced particle filter media removes pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander, viruses and bacteria, fine smoke particles, and more from your indoor air. At the same time, activated carbon integrated throughout the filter effectively traps light household odors from pets, cooking, smoke, and more, as well as gases, volatile organic compounds (VOC), chemicals, and exhaust. Blueair filters are not tested against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Accurate filter life tracking helps you get the most out of your DustMagnet 5200 ComboFilter and eliminates unnecessary replacement with an algorithm to calculate filter life based on fan speed, particle sensor data, and estimated filter loading. View data anytime via the app. This filter is recyclable, so the only thing you're adding back into the environment is clean air. Please check your local recycling facilities for availability.

Unlike look-a-likes, authentic Blueair replacement filters are designed to maintain premium performance over time and ensures your warranty remains intact. To maintain optimal performance and eliminate unnecessary filter replacement, DustMagnet proactively monitors filter use and pollution levels in real-time to accurately determine when a filter change is needed. The filter status LED on the air purifier glows red to let you know when it's time to replace the filter. For optimal performance, Blueair recommend replacing the filter promptly (roughly 6-12 months of 24/7 use based on pollution levels), with a maximum 1-year filter life. To reset the filter status light, press and hold the airflow speed button for 5 seconds.

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Modelli compatibili: DustMagnet 5210i
DustMagnet 5240i