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Hyperice Venom Back, Heat and Vibration Treatment for Muscle Warm Up

Venom Back amplifies the soothing power of heat with compression and vibration to melt away stress and tension on your core - it’s the best of both worlds.
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Fit for you

Digital touch screen controls, adjustable temperature levels, and three distinct vibration patterns allow you to have full control, so you can get the perfect treatment every time.

Get back to it

Walk, bend, and stretch or simply sit back and relax. The Venom line is designed to move with you, for a hands-free, portable treatment on demand.

Details and specifications

  • Battery life - Up to 3 hours on a full charge

  • Vibration - 3 levels of vibration

  • Digital touch screen - Allows you to customize the temperature, vibration pattern, and time

What’s included with your Venom Back

  • Venom Back - The actual device

  • Power supply - To keep your device charged and ready to go

  • 2 Additional plug adapters - To charge your device no matter where you are
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