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Brush heads Roundhead 2er Nero

L'arma magica universale per un sorriso radioso. Le mie setole triple di alta qualità massaggiano delicatamente ed efficacemente i tuoi denti - con una testina flessibile e un indicatore di cambio sorridente che ti dice quando cambiare la testina.
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Special Flex-Head

My flex head gives way when you apply too much pressure and gently takes care of your teeth.

High-Quality Triple Bristles

I have triple-twisted bristles that pamper your teeth with up to 8.800 rotations per minute.

Replacement Indicator Bristles

My fading smile indicates when it's time to change the brush head.

Natural Polyester Bristles

My white-transparent polyester bristles take care of your teeth gently and effectively.

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    How often should I change my brush head?

    Dentists recommend changing the brush heads every 2-3 months. My replacement indicator bristles will tell you when it's time to replace them - just when my smile fades.

    Do the R2 brush heads also fit on the R1 or on other toothbrushes?

    The R2 brush heads have been designed to fit both the R1 and the R2 handle. In case you want to use the happybrush brush heads with a different brand: They prefer to be used on a happybrush handle and you want to make them happy, don't you?

    We are using one happybrush together - How can I differentiate your brush heads?

    Differentely coloured rings make it possible to distinguish them from one another.

    Do your brush heads have rounded bristles?

    Yes, we have strict rules and check them regularly in the quality process.

    Which kind of bristles do you use?

    We use three different filaments, which are produced in Heidelberg and together they gently take care of your teeth: High-quality triple bristles, replacement indicator bristles and natural, transparent polyester bristles.

    How hard are your bristles?

    We chose bristles which are not too hard and not too soft.