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One Midi Series 3s Slate Blue EU/UK

Aggiungi un tocco di stile alla tua casa con One Midi Series 3s. Questa radio digitale DAB ed FM portatile e versatile ti offre varie funzioni utili, come sveglie, timer e l'ingresso AUX che.
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The One Midi Series 3 radio offers advanced audio quality as well as alarm and timer, making it perfect for  kitchen and bedroom. When using batteries or the ChargePAK battery pack, you can easily take it with you from room to room. 

Good Sound

The One Midi has an advanced audio processor with adjustable bass and treble, so you can adjust the sound of your radio to suit your taste. Enjoy the best that digital radio has to offer or your own music. There's more: Our affordable, simple and portable One family of digital radios offers an array of ideal entry-level models. Perfect for the bedroom or kitchen, the One Midi has a large, easy-to-read clock, two alarm clocks that you can set to wake you up on weekdays and weekends, a sleep timer that turns off your radio automatically, and a handy kitchen timer with countdown. There's also an AUX input to which you can connect your mobile phone or tablet and listen to your own music over the radio, as well as 20 presets for quick selection of your favourite stations and a stereo headphone jack. 

Optional ChargePAK

Enjoy up to 20 hours of mobile listening with the optional ChargePAK D1 battery pack or 13 hours with 4 standard AA batteries. ChargePAKs are economical, environmentally friendly and offer an uncomplicated and mobile solution. Your radio charges during power-up so you can take it with you when you need it. 

Enjoy Digital Radio

The DAB digital radio delivers precise sound in digital quality, numerous stations (many of them only available digitally), a scrolling text with track titles, program information and much more. Digital radios automatically find all available stations and allow you to select by station name.

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