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Care+ GPS Senior Smart Watch Black

For safe communication throughout the family.

Anio care+ Senior Smartwatch
For safe communication throughout the family. The Anio care+ smartwatch for seniors helps your family live more safely together. The senior smartwatch is a fully-fledged mobile phone for the wrist, specially developed for the needs of older people, as it can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of the wearer by activating and deactivating many functions. In contrast to the usual home emergency calls, the senior smartwatch does not only work at home, but everywhere thanks to the inserted SIM card. What's more, apart from the necessary mobile phone charges, no other fees are charged.

Optimal readability
The display of the time is extra large for optimal readability. The anio care+ smartwatch for seniors has freely selectable watchfaces. Other data can also be shown on the display, such as the date, day of the week or the current weather.

If desired, the optional pedometer can be activated via the app. The daily steps are displayed to the wearer. This serves as motivation to move sufficiently. 

Concert mode
In all cases where loud ringing of the watch is not desired, the watch can easily be set to vibration mode via the touch screen. This allows you to follow all social events undisturbed.

You can save up to 3 SOS numbers, which will be called one after the other when you press the SOS button and receive the last location data via SMS message.

Tracking & safe zones
Very precise positioning of the watch via GPS and WLAN technology. The geofence function sends you a push notification when the watch enters or leaves a certain area.

112 EU emergency call
Speed dial button for telephone connection with the EU-wide emergency call 112. Function can be activated / deactivated in the app according to requirements and replaces a classic emergency button.

Phone book
Extended phone book can be activated via the app. Up to 10 additional numbers can be stored here that can be called from the watch. Conversely, the clock can also only be called from these numbers.

Advantages compared to classic home emergency call systems
Compared to conventional home emergency call systems, the Anio care+ Senior Smartwatch is not limited to the home, but works everywhere where a mobile phone network is available. The watch is always on the wrist of the wearer during the day. This means that an emergency call can be made immediately in all situations where mobility is suddenly restricted (fall, etc.). In contrast to stationary home emergency call systems, there are no monthly subscription fees except for the necessary mobile phone costs. The Anio 5 care+ does not establish contact with a private call centre, but only with the 3 SOS numbers defined by you. Optionally, you can also activate the 112-EU emergency speed dial button in the Anio App.

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