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Anio 5 GPS Children Smart Watch Blue

The Anio5 children's smartwatch is the perfect everyday companion for your children. With the Anio5, messages and calls can now be made easily via the smartwatch, even without a mobile phone. Thanks to the many other features and the timeless design, the children's watch is equally suitable for everyone.

The modern family communicator 
The anio5 has everything that children need to communicate today and does without everything that children really don't need. The anio5 is a fully fledged mobile phone mobile phone for the little wrist, developed in a child-friendly way by Anio in Bremen. The main functions at a glance: Telephony (only with known numbers), chat and with parental app, time (analogue and digital), date, weather, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, GPS and WLAN location, school rest periods (during school the the Smartwatch is just a simple watch). 

For security reasons, communication only takes place between family members via the app. Therefore, you cannot write normal text messages to the watch. You can send text and voice messages to the watch. Your child can reply with voice messages or emojis.

You can store up to 10 numbers in the watch via the Anio app. Only these numbers can also call the watch - other callers are blocked. Your child can easily scroll through the phone book and call the desired person by touch.

You can save up to 3 SOS numbers in the watch. If the child presses the SOS button, the watch tries to establish a telephone connection to one of the SOS numbers one after the other. At the same time, you will receive a push notification and an SMS with the last GPS position of the watch. The SOS button also works during school rest periods.

The Anio locates outdoors via GPS and indoors via WLAN because GPS signals are not available. For WLAN positioning, the watch uses a Google interface that provides the position for the WLAN ID received.

Learning the time
The anio5 has 5 different home screens: two analogue and three digital. This way, the children learn to read the analogue and the digital time.

No frills
The anio5 does not have a camera, as children are still too young to be aware of the implications and risks of pictures posted online. In principle, most schools therefore prohibit smartwatches with a camera function. For this reason, Anio also does without any games, as they are of the opinion that our children spend enough time with computer games and game consoles these days. With the built-in pedometer and stopwatch, they want to encourage children to play more outdoors and move more.

School time
In the Anio app, you define when your child has school for the weekdays Mon.-Fri. During these times, the watch display automatically turns red. The touch screen of the clock is now locked and only the home screen is displayed. All incoming calls are blocked and incoming messages are muted. After the end of the idle time, the lock is automatically removed. Missed messages are shown on the display with an exclamation mark and can now be read first. A missed call is also shown to your child with a red frame around the name in the phone book.

The anio5 supports your child on its way to a life with modern communication without overburdening it.

Scope of delivery:

  • Anio5 kids smartwatch
  • magnetic charging cable
  • Free yesss! SIM card (only for AT)


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