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Blueair Air Purifier DustMagnet 5240i with ComboFilter

Blueair Air Purifier DustMagnet 5240i is ideal for 20 m² (4.8 air changes/hour) to 48 m² (2 air changes/hour) rooms. Comes with HEPASilent technology and effectively purifiers the air, removing airbourne germs, allergens, dust, gases, smoke, odours, mould, animal hair and microplastics.

Designed for a life with less cleaning, the new DustMagnet air purifier captures 99% of airborne dust before it settles on floors and surfaces. The patent-pending DustMagnet technology attracts airborne dust particles like a magnet thanks to the combination of a unique airflow and charged pre-filters. Equipped with Blueair's unique HEPASilent filter technology, which not only kills germs but also effectively traps fine particles, the DustMagnet also quietly provides more clean air.
The DustMagnet air purifier is designed to fit into your home like a great looking piece of Scandinavian furniture. You don't have to hide your air purifier, you can place it wherever it is most effective.

DustMagnet technology

The patent-pending DustMagnet technology was developed in Sweden to attract dust particles in the air like a magnet before they settle on floors and surfaces. Thanks to a unique airflow combined with charged pre-filters, at least 99% of airborne dust is captured and removed, so you spend less time dusting and vacuuming.

HEPASilent technology

Blueair's unique filtration technology, called HEPASilent, sets them apart. The combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration allows us to use filters that are lower in density and require less air pressure than traditional HEPA filters without sacrificing performance - resulting in quieter and more energy efficient air purifiers.

Furniture design

With a practical surface that doubles as a side table, the DustMagnet air purifier fits into your home like a great-looking piece of Scandinavian furniture. You don't have to hide your air purifier, but can place it where it is most effective.

Product characteristics

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 43.3 x  21.9 x 21.9
  • Weight: 4.49 kg
  • Recommended room size: 20 m² (4.8 air changes/hour) to 48 m² (2 air changes/hour)
  • CADR: Smoke 232 m³/h, Dust 226 m³, Pollen 238 m³/h
  • Sound level: 23 - 47 dB(A)
  • Power consumption: 4 - 22W
  • Wi-Fi controlled via Blueair App

For more specifications, see the datasheet in the downloads tab.

Caractéristiques du produit
Code EAN:0689122015309
Numéro du fabricant :105919
Poids du produit :4.5 kilograms
Spécifications techniques
Surveillance de la qualité de l'air : Oui
Débit d'air propre (m³/h) - pollen : 293
Débit d'air propre (m³/h) - poussière : 260
Contrôlé par l'appli : Yes
Débit d'air propre (m³/h) - fumée : 260
Technologie de filtrage : HEPAsilent
Changement de filtre recommandé : 12 Month(s)
Taille de pièce recommandée (2 ACH) 48m²
Taille de pièce recommandée (5 ACH) 20m²
Niveau sonore : 29-45dB
Gestion de l’énergie
Consommation d'énergie : 4-22W