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Unagi - Personal liberation

Go the extra mile and get around your town in style - all while being sustainable. Unagi produces lightweight e-scooters in an elegantly sleek design - powerful enough to get you where you need, light enough to carry wherever you go. 

An e-scooter too good to share

Unagi E500

Unagi's E500 is an absolutely beautiful e-scooter to get you around in an urban environment. It's sleek, it's lightweight and it comes with a one click folding mechanism of their own design, making it highly portable and easy to carry onboard the train or bus. 

Comes in four different colours: Cosmic Blue, Sea Salt White, Scarlet Fire Red or Matte Black


  • 250W motor on each wheel for a combined effect of 500W.
  • Handles hills of up 15°.
  • 3 speed modes: beginner, intermediate or advanced. 
  • Lightweight with handlebar in magnesium and body of aluminum. 
  • Solid rubber tires for shock absorption and an end to worrying about flat tires.
  • 9000mAh battery, 4-5 hours charging time from empty to full.

About Unagi

The idea to create an affordable e-scooter that you would be proud to own came up when the CEO and founder found himself without his shared scooter after someone took it while he was in a store to buy ice-cream. With no available scooters around he had to walk home on an excruciatingly hot day, ice cream melting away and his love for shared scooters evaporating. 

A few years later we have Unagi, a designer hellbent on doing something about the frustrations caused by transportation. Whether your gripe is with finding a parking spot in the city, going the few kilometers to or from public transport or getting from A to B in a stylish fashion you get to call your own, the solution is a e-scooter from Unagi.