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Our vision

Our vision is the intelligent home robot that you can operate easily and intuitively and with which you can also communicate, almost like with a human being. Time and health are the most valuable things in life, and that is exactly where our technology should support.


Ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers. The perfect combination of powerful suction, special tangle-free pet hair brush, fine dust filter and a replaceable, self-sealing 1.1 l dust bag ensures a hygienically clean home.
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The powerful professional for larger households. With its powerful suction, excellent cleaning performance and long runtime, the ROMY L6 Performance is an ideal helper for households with a lot to do. Whether tiles, wooden floors or carpets - your ROMY puts an end to dirt.

Romy C5

Vacuuming and mopping robot with intelligent laser navigation

The Romy C5 cleans systematically and leaves no stains, but also adapts to your home by avoiding certain areas and recognising stairs.


  • Robot vacuum cleaner with wet mopping function
  • Fine particle filter
  • Only 9.2 cm high due to integrated laser
  • Patented laser navigation

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Autonomous and smart

If ROMY runs out of battery during a cleaning cycle, it returns to the charging station autonomously. As soon as the robot is fully charged, it automatically continues cleaning where it left off.

SMART and faster

Other robots often need hours to grasp their operating environment. ROMY does this in just a few minutes thanks to its artificial intelligence. After a short reconnaissance trip, it provides a map of the apartment via the ROMY app.

Spot on

Use the Spot function to send ROMY exactly where you want it to clean. Is the carpet a mess after a movie night? Let ROMY vacuum with pinpoint accuracy without having to clean the whole room.

Efficient and economical

In each room, the corners are cleaned first in wall cleaning mode, then the rest of the area is swept in serpentine lines. ROMY cleans systematically, does not miss any spot and is extremely efficient.

Super flat

Instead of a dome on the top, we have built the LIDAR front laser into the housing. This makes ROMY L6 only 8.6cm high and allows it to clean in hard-to-reach places such as under cupboards or the couch.

ROMY cleans carefully

Precise cleaning means going right to the last corner and very close to walls and furniture. ROMY is careful and cautious. It recognises stairs and rarely bumps into things in its environment.

Smart navigation

Your robot reacts immediately to obstacles and changes in its environment. This means it very rarely bumps into anything, always knows where it is and finds its way back to the station when its work is done.

Plan the household

Everyone is out of the house? Then it's the perfect time to let ROMY do the work for you. Set fixed days, times, rooms and areas in the app. ROMY cleans autonomously and independently.

More time for leisure

Romy found the perfect place for household robots: Between endless to-do lists and the book you've been wanting to read for many months - right in the middle of your daily life. ROMY Robots adapt to your life, stress-free and autonomous.