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Scandinavian home comfort

Mill stands at the intersection of advanced heating technology and user-centric design in Scandinavian style. Their heaters aren't just built to warm your space; they're engineered to learn your routine, adapt to your needs, and minimize energy usage. With PID (proportional, integral and derivative) control for steady temperatures and predictive heating to prepare your space exactly when needed, efficiency is at your fingertips.

Control every aspect via the Mill app—whether you're home or away—and enjoy a warm, welcoming environment that's as smart as it is sustainable. Mill is where cutting-edge technology ensures your comfort and conserves energy effortlessly.

Mill heaters
Choose the one that fits your needs
  • Invisible Panel heaters
    Wall-mounted heaters with app-controlled operation in a smooth rounded design.
  • Portable heaters
    Fast heating and easy to move - ideal for cold rooms on chilly days. Available in various configurations.
  • Oil filled radiators
    A steady and gentle heater that doesn’t dry out the air. Perfect for sustained heating.
  • Glass Panel heaters
    Wall-mounted heaters with app-controlled operation with an elegant glass finish.
  • Fan heaters
    Highly effective and portable, ideal for quickly warming up cold rooms for a short period of time.

About Mill

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Headquartered in the heart of Norway's rugged landscape, Mill stands as a testament to Scandinavian innovation in the realm of home comfort. Founded on the belief that heaters should be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, Mill has redefined residential heating solutions. With a philosophy deeply rooted in the concept of 'hygge', the Norwegian art of coziness, Mill's heating products promise to transform your living space into a sanctuary of warmth and style. As a brand that has successfully bridged the gap between state-of-the-art technology and minimalist design, Mill's legacy is built on delivering unparalleled home heating experiences.


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Embracing the majesty of Norwegian nature, Mill recognizes the importance of sustainability and societal responsibility. Striving to be an industry frontrunner in eco-conscious practices, Mill integrates advanced technology with sleek design to enable energy-efficient consumption. Through the innovative Millheat app, users gain the power to customize heating schedules, leading to reduced energy usage and a positive environmental impact. Mill's commitment extends beyond smart technology; the brand actively pursues the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on responsible consumption, climate action, and economic growth. With initiatives to minimize waste and optimize product lifecycles, Mill is on a steadfast journey toward a sustainable future.


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Mill's award-winning heaters epitomize the essence of Scandinavian design: simplicity, elegance, and an unwavering focus on the natural beauty of functionality. Each heater, whether it graces a wall or stands freely on the floor, is a work of art designed to complement the modern home. The brand's visionary approach to panel heating systems merges smooth edges and curved facades, resulting in a heating solution that's as much a treat for the eyes as it is a source of comfort. Mill's design ethos challenges the status quo, ensuring that their heaters not only provide warmth but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any interior.

A Complement to Normal Heating

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Mill's innovative heating solutions are designed not just as a primary heat source but also as a stylish complement to existing heating systems. With features like the Mill Heat Boost Technology, their oil-filled radiators distribute warmth more efficiently, ensuring faster heating times and more even temperature distribution. Mill's predictive heating technology further tailors the heating experience to individual schedules and preferences, creating an ambient atmosphere that's just right, the moment you step through the door. It's a harmonious blend of traditional warmth and advanced, energy-efficient comfort.

Leading Technology

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At the forefront of electric heating technology, Mill panel heaters are the very embodiment of efficiency for the future. Equipped with Mill PID Wattage Tech™, these heaters deliver a consistent temperature without the energy waste of traditional on-off cycles. This technology not only saves power but also provides a stable, comfortable heat. The Mill App complements this, offering users effortless control over their home environment, optimizing energy usage, and enhancing overall comfort with just a few taps on a smartphone. It's through such innovations that Mill continues to lead, shaping the way we think about, interact with, and experience heating in our homes.