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Kitchen Appliances

Every kitchen could do well with a blender or smoothie maker to get some of that good nutrition in your diet. Want to enjoy the good things in life but limit your intake of unhealthy fats? Then you should consider an air fryer, which cooks your food to crispy perfection without an abundance of oil! Of course no kitchen is complete without the Toaster and Kettle set, whether you're a tea drinker or just use it to speed up your pasta cooking, a kettle is never wrong.

Carbonators by Aarke

Aarke, a brand hailing from Sweden, produces premium carbonators which will add an extra touch of elegance to any kitchen. Simple to use, built to last and works with any 425g CO2 gas cylinder, Aarke Carbonators are a sustainable choice for home carbonation.

Musical Kitchen Companions

Cooking together is much more fun, most of the time at least. Even if you're the lone chef there's no harm in having a companion in the form of a kitchen radio. Whether you're tuning in to your favourite internet radio station or prefer using Spotify connect to play your own tunes, there's one perfectly suited for you. 

Whole Coffee Beans for grinding

Whether it's a shot of espresso or a steaming mug of java in the morning, coffee is a great motivator for a great number of people. With a great selection of beans from many different brands, and a wide range of different roasts, you're sure to find something suitable for your pallet. 

All Kitchen Appliances

Slice and dice or mix and whisk, there's a machine for everything, or a machine that does everything. Check out our selection of Blenders & Mixers, Toasters & Grills, Kettles and much more.