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Home Office

Complement your home office setup with a high-quality web camera, adaptive lighting, space saving power solutions or a conference speaker for smoother meetings. Because having a home office setup you’re comfortable with will do wonders, both for productivity and your own well-being.


Conference solutions by eMeet

If you're often in video meetings or having longer calls, you will know of the need for a decent webcam and speakers other than those in your laptop. eMeet offers affordable webcams and conference speakerphones, ideal companions for when you wish for clear yet wireless communication. 

Noise Cancelling headphones

Cancel the noise, get into your zone and start focusing, or dancing along if you just want a break. Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling are a blessing, even if you're able to pump up the volume on your speakers when you're home alone.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Long hours with sub-optimal lighting isn't good for your eyes, and with a home environment your lighting is likely better suited for leisure than work. With dimmable options or smart scheduling which adapts the lighting to your needs, you'll add some much needed light. 

Power Supply & Hubs

Working from home can often mean limited space and limited outlets for all your gadgets, but with the rights hubs and power supplies you'll manage, even if you take your office with you on the road.