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Ecovacs - A Robot for Every Family

Keep floor and windows clean efficiently - and be smart about it. Ecovacs provides floor cleaning robots with advanced mapping and scheduling technologies, so lessen your worries and increase your comfortability with your own robot vacuum cleaner from Ecovacs.

Ecovacs T8

High-performing vacuum and wiping robot with advanced AI

  • Intelligent mapping: The innovative navigation technology TrueMapping sketches out your floors the first time your Ecovacs robot goes through your apartment, creating a map for it to follow while efficiently cleaning your living space. 
  • Custom cleaning: The map created by TrueMapping will be available on your smartphone or tablet, and it allows you to set up virtual boundaries for spaces you want the robot to stay away from, or create custom cleaning schedules for specific parts of the floor, such as under the kitchen table. 
  • Object detection: Don't worry about stray shoes, cables or toys getting in the way, TrueDetect 3D lets Ecovacs T8 detect objects down to the millimeter and avoid them, enabling more a smoother cleaning with reduced risk of getting stuck. 
  • Ozmo Pro mopping: The Ozmo Pro mopping module vibrates with a high frequency to wipe away even the stubborn stains, and with a tank capable of holding enough water to clean 185 m², you're sure to get a complete cleaning experience with a Ozmo Pro compatible robot vacuum cleaner. 
Comes either as a single version (T8) or with an auto-empty station (T8+). The auto empty station uses disposable bags which hold up to 30 days of dust and dander.  



A good entry level variant

The Deebot D710 comes with a large dustbin, smart navigation and advanced object collision avoidance. It can be controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant for smart scheduling, but doesn't come with smart mapping tools like its more advanced successors.

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The midranger 


Ecovacs' N-series combines mopping and vacuuming with fundamental mapping technology to give you a thorough cleaning experience. While it doesn't contain the fanciest functions and technologies, like the T-series, it gets the job done.

Deebot N8

Window cleaner Winbot 920

Keep your windows clean and make them sparkle with Winbot 920. The robot intelligently maps your window to create an effective path, and stays on thanks to powerful suction and the elastic safety line which comes with a heavy-duty carabiner.

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Keep your Ecovacs robot in top shape with maintenance kits or replace old disposable mops or aroma diffuser capsules with new ones.

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About Ecovacs Robotics

Ecovacs has risen high from their humble beginnings in the mid 90's. Initially a small time robots maker mostly serving a domestic market with their vacuum cleaner robots and selling their technologies to larger competitors. With time they grew to become a large competitor themselves and thanks do a myriad of proprietary patents on technologies and production technologies relating to smart air purifiers, vacuum robots, window cleaners and more.

Today they are present in more than 60 countries, with the US, Australia, China and Japan already being fans, with the European fanbase steadily growing. With a R&D force of more than 500 hundred, they are major players in vacuum cleaner robots, window cleaning robots, air purifying robots and business service assistance robots. At eleonto we're happy to promote their robot vacuum cleaners as well as some chosen champions from the window cleaning line-up.