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Active Lifestyle

Stay active and stay healthy. Keeping an active lifestyle is great for your health, both mind and body. While we can't force you to go out skiing, running or even biking to work, we can make it more enjoyable! Bring the entertainment to the group with a portable speaker, or help yourself stay focused with a pair of sport headphones. 

With an action camera from GoPro you'll be able to capture those specials moments, or just post a sped up time-lapse of your jog for some humble bragging. GoPro is the household name, and an integral part of capturing unforgettable moments around the world, all year around. 



The household name and GoTo brand for action cameras world wide. GoPro keep delivering amazing cameras in compact format, which with some accessories become virtually unbreakable (unless you really really try). GoPro is a great companion, whether you use their action cameras for skiing, bicycling, surfing, you name it. 

Portable Speakers

Want to bring your tunes to the crew when you're out and about? Whether you're going camping, skiing or taking a little picnic during a hike you can enhance the experience with a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you're going to use it during mountain biking or kayaking you should have a look at a shock proof or water resistant one, like the Marshall Emberton.

Sport headphones

If you're going out on your own there's no need to carry around a portable Bluetooth speaker, a pair of Sport headphones should be your weapon of choice. Besides, a proven fact is that music has a positive impact on your training. Water resistance, durability and comfortability are key, and wireless models give an extra degree of freedom. 


Thule and Case Logic have been producing great bags and backpacks for decades. Whether you need a backpack to carry your GoPro and speaker while sporting, or a duffel for organizing your stuff while getting from A to B, they've got something for you.