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DEEBOT N8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, White

DEEBOT N8 PRO is a robot vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop at the same time thanks to OZMO™ technology. With the latest TrueMapping technology, it can create a detailed and accurate map of your floors. Combined with TrueDetect 3D obstacle avoidance technology, this minimises the risk of getting stuck or tangled. Smart Home device compatibility makes controlling DEEBOT even more convenient.

Powerful suction and removal of dust even on carpeted floors

Thanks to the new material and design of the suction channel, the revolutionary pressure-holding system optimises the robot's energy efficiency and ensures high suction power while keeping DEEBOT N8 PRO's operating noise remarkably low. The suction power could be increased up to 2600 Pa and the cleaning performance could be increased by 73% (compared to OZMO 950).
Together with the latest sweeping brush and Max+ mode, even deep-seated dust from carpets is loosened and reliably removed. This makes the N8 Pro an optimal vacuum robot for all cat and dog owners who want to remove pet hair from different floor coverings.

Automatic carpet detection

DEEBOT N8 PRO stands out for its intelligent reactions when vacuuming changing floor conditions, especially the change from hard floors (laminate, tiles etc.) to carpets.
In real time, the robot vacuum cleaner recognises carpets and reacts according to the current cleaning task: the suction power increases and the carpet area is left out when mopping. In this way, the cleaning mode is ideally matched to the respective floor condition.

Staircase detection

No fear of stairs: the DEEPBOT N8 PRO vacuum robot is equipped with special sensors for fall prevention. It detects chasms such as stair landings in time and returns to a safe surface to continue cleaning.

TrueMapping technology - Precise planning of the cleaning path

As a technological pioneer, ECOVACS introduced the laser-based mapping and navigation technology TrueMapping as an industry first in the field of household robots.
In seconds, DEEBOT N8 PRO creates maps of its surroundings and uses them to navigate safely through your home. This reliable navigation enables efficient and thorough cleaning of your floors.

TrueDetect 3D Technology Avoids collisions, snags or tangles

The real-time 3D obstacle detection and collision avoidance system uses structured light technology and a 3D scanning algorithm that is also used in advanced facial recognition and mobile payments worldwide.
This allows DEEBOT N8 PRO to move freely and minimises the likelihood of the vacuum colliding with furniture or lose objects.

Vacuuming and mopping in one operation

With the OZMO™ mopping system, DEEBOT N8 PRO can vacuum and mop at the same time. The innovative technology allows you to set 4 moisture levels for different needs and floor types, such as laminate, wood floor or tile - easily via the app.
The water tank is designed for large areas, so you don't have to interrupt the cleaning process to refill water repeatedly.

Thanks to the carpet detection, DEEBOT N8 PRO identifies carpets immediately and reacts accordingly by increasing the suction power and skipping this area when mopping.

App control

With the app, you can conveniently control your robot from any situation and schedule a cleaning or check the current cleaning status.
Up to two maps can be saved and customised at the same time, with features such as Virtual Boundary™, a virtual boundary that limits the robot vacuum's area of use, or defining individual areas for individual cleaning tasks.

Automatic charging function - Continuous cleaning

Even long cleaning paths are no problem for DEEBOT N8 PRO. When the battery level is low, the robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging station.

What's in the box

  • Robot 
  • Charging station
  • Side brushes x2
  • Collection container
  • Wipes
  • Disposable wipes x10
  • Wiping plate
  • Water tank
  • High performance filter
  • User manual
  • Cleaning tool
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:DEEBOT N8 Pro
Product weight:6.0 kilograms