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Steamery color absorber for mixed color washes

This Color Absorber makes it possible to mix colored and lighter textiles without the risk of discoloration. The laundry sheets work like magnets, absorbing loose color pigments spinning around in your washing machine and prevent them from being transmitted to other garments.

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How It Works

Place 1–3 laundry sheets in the back of the washing machine drum. Wash at 30°C with a regular amount of laundry detergent. To avoid color bleeding, we do not recommend higher temperatures. Wash newer clothes with similar colors at least five times before mixing different colors.

Caution: The color absorbing sheets are very effective. However, they cannot absorb 100% of the color pigments. Always use the product with a certain amount of common sense. In other words – don’t mix your most expensive whites with brand new dark clothing.


  • Fewer washes – save time and energy
  • Minimize color bleeding and discolorations
  • Ideal for striped, printed and multicolored garments
  • Protect your whites from becoming dull and greyish
  • Emits no microplastics


  • Made of 100% viscose
  • The package contains 40 laundry sheets
  • The packaging is made of FSC-certified paper
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:0631
Product weight:0.11 kilograms

    How does Color Absorber reduce washing?

    By making it possible to mix different colors in one wash instead of washing garments separately. The Color Absorber also helps filling up the machine since you can mix more clothes.

    What do you mean when you say, “use this product with common sense”?

    That it is good if you are a bit careful when mixing colors. Don’t mix your lightest nuances with the darkest or most bright ones. Another good note is to avoid washing whites with brand new colorful garments that you did not wash yet. Washing a white shirt together with a new yellow sweater can make the white shirt a bit yellow-ish even if you use a color absorber sheet.

    How many times can I use one Color Absorber?

    The sheets can be used one time. They are made from viscose and will be naturally dissolved after one use.