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W10 Pro vacuum cleaning and mopping robot

The Dreame W 10 pro can choose between 3 modes via the app - vacuum cleaning, mopping or all-in-one cleaning - to use the ideal cleaning method. With its powerful 6,400 mAh battery, it can clean up to 300m² at once. Thanks to its D-shaped design, the W10 pro sweeps along walls and corners even better. The side brush brings particles from the edge to the suction inlet by rotation. The 19.2cm oversized brush can clean larger areas. Thanks to the strong suction power of 4,000 Pa, it removes dirt and dust more effectively. When the mopping pads are dirty, the W10 pro returns to the base independently and has them cleaned. The unique hygienic automatic hot air drying system (2h sterilization) of the base prevents mold and bacteria from forming on the mops.

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Obstacle avoidance thanks to AI

DreameBot W10 Pro tackles complex cleaning environments by detecting obstacles and identifying them by their size and depth to use the optimal strategy for cleaning around them. The combination of advanced AI, RGB camera and a 3DToF sensor allows it to recognise rooms by type and floor to intelligently recommend the best suction, mopping moisture and cleaning time for each living space.

Takes care of the mop cleaning for you

Thanks to thorough automatic mop cleaning, dirt and debris are removed from your floors - not just pushed around. W10 Pro automatically returns to the docking station to clean the mops. The pads are sprayed with water and then quickly swirled against small grooves to loosen dirt. Meanwhile, a nozzle at the bottom of the docking station directs the dirty water into the waste water tank to keep the pads (and your floors) clean.

Automatic mop drying.

When the cleaning process is complete and the W10 Pro has returned to its base for the last time, the pads are rinsed out and then dried with hot air to prevent odours, mold and bacteria from forming. Hot air dries the mops in just 2 hours, preventing unpleasant odours caused by moisture.

*2 hours: Actual drying time required may vary depending on the moisture level of the mops.

Thorough cleaning in all corners.

Achieves a remarkable cleaning of hard floors and carpets thanks to vacuuming and mopping that adapts to the walls and reaches deep into the corners. Dirt and debris don't stand a chance thanks to the powerful suction of 4,000 Pa and ultra-fast mopping of 180 rpm*. The D-shaped design includes side brushes and an extra-wide 19.2cm (7.48in) roller to pick up hard-to-reach dirt.

*4,000 Pa, 180 rpm: Tested by Dreame Lab, actual performance may vary depending on home situation.

Choose your mode of cleaning

Choose from 3 modes - vacuuming, mopping and all-in-one cleaning - to create your ideal cleaning routine. An intuitive app interface makes it easy to select your desired mode and set individual cleaning preferences.

A pro for carpet cleaning.

Carpets are intelligently detected to avoid them when mopping and increase suction power when vacuuming. Ultrasonic carpet detection identifies carpets in advance to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

Maps like a pro

W10Pro detects the environment up to 12 times faster* - even in the dark. It creates systematic cleaning paths and stores up to 3 floor plans. Enhanced LiDAR navigation provides remarkably detailed room mapping and creates a floor plan that you can access via app to customise your cleaning.

*12 times faster: Compared to the DreameBot series and tested by Dreame Lab. Actual performance may vary depending on your living situation.

More capacity. Longer cleaning time.

W10 Pro charge, the W10Pro provides up to 160min* of continuous cleaning and can vacuum and mop up to 200m² *floor area. A 6,400 mAh battery, a 4.5 litre clean water tank and a 4 litre dirty water tank make it easy to clean automatically throughout your home.

*160 min, 200 m² : Tested by Dreame Lab, actual performance may vary depending on home situation.

Automatic cleaning on command

Start or stop cleaning simply by voice command. Enjoy an even more effortless cleaning of your home. Alexa and Google Assistant enable reliable voice recognition for seamless integration into your smart home.

Scope of delivery

  • Robot
  • Self-cleaning base
  • Cleaning tool
  • Mains cable
  • Mop pad x2
  • Side brush
  • Cleaning brush
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:RLS6TAC
Product weight:13.4 kilograms