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Stanmore BT Black EU/US

Small in size, but not subtle in sound, the Stanmore is a compact active stereo speaker that yields clean and precise sound even at high levels.

Bluetooth aptX Connectivity

Connect to the Stanmore wirelessly via Bluetooth with aptX technology. Use your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream music directly to your Stanmore with no wires required.

Larger-Than-Life Sound

Stanmore may be a compact stereo speaker, but its sound is nothing short of large. Built with advanced components that deliver an accurate response throughout the frequency range, the Stanmore packs a punch without compromising the details.

Classic Marshall Design

With its gold script logo, gold piping, vinyl covering and vintage-inspired fret grille cloth, the Stanmore is a throwback to 50 years of Marshall design and heritage.

Dig Out Those Records

Some of your music knew a time before Bluetooth. That’s why Stanmore enables you to go analogue and connect to the devices collecting dust in your basement. So come on, dust off your CD player, cassette player or turntable (with RIAA) and connect via the RCA input.

Customise Your Sound

Stanmore’s top panel features controls for bass, treble and volume. The control knobs allow you to fine-tune to the exact sound you desire.

Vintage-Inspired Coil Cord

Inspired by the golden days of Rock ‘N’ Roll, the coiled double-ended stereo cable with two 3.5mm jacks is a modern take on the classic telephone guitar cord cable. Kink-free and extendable, it’s your music device’s connection to a world of great sound if you prefer this method of connectivity.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:04091627
Product weight:5.65 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece