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StarterKit Roundhead R1 Black

That's what your teeth have been waiting for: clear your bathroom cabinet for your new exciting electric toothbrush! Comes with effective rotations, a flexible head, an intelligent charging station, triple-twisted bristles and featured travel-lock. Oh happy day!

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This rotating toothbrush with a special flexible brush head and triple-twisted bristles ensures sensitive and effective cleaning. The smart charging station shows a 2-minute-countdown or the current time. Its high-performing power battery allows you to go on adventures for about three weeks and make use of the convenient travel-lock-function.

Special Flex Head

A flexible brush head adjusts to the brushing pressure and prevents excessive pressure.

Premium Triple-Bristles

Triple-twisted, soft bristles pamper your teeth with their large surface and 8.800 rotations per minute.

Smart Charging Station

Shows you either a 2-minute countdown or the current time.

Power Battery

A single charge of the integrated power battery will suffice for adventures of up to 3 weeks.


Bye-bye, brushing by hand! It was nice, but there are three new options: Normal, Sensitive and Polishing.


Safety class: IPX7
Capacity: 700 mAh


Box Content

  • Electric toothbrush
  • Brush head
  • Charging station
  • USB charging cable & plug
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:HB01S
Product weight:0.21 kilograms

    For how long does the battery of the toothbrush last without recharging?

    The power battery accompanies you on your adventures for up to 3 weeks. Show your happybrush the world behind the bathroom door. Our advice for recharging: When charging for the first time, 24 hours is best, then 16 hours is enough.

    How many cleaning modes does the rotating happybrush have?

    There are three cleaning modes for both rotating models: Normal (8.800 rotations), Sensitive (6.500 rotations), Polishing (7.000-8.800 rotations). For excellent results, however, we recommend using the Polishing mode after using the sensitive or normal mode for 2 minutes.

    How does the happybrush feel?

    We use a supersoft-coating for all models. The surface feels comfortable and doesn’t slip.

    Can I only use your toothpaste on happybrush StarterKits?

    Don't worry, of course you can use another toothpaste. However, we recommend our happybrush toothpaste for a full happybrush experience.

    Are your toothpaste varieties vegan?

    Yes, each one is vegan.

    How can your pricing be this competitive?

    Well, that’s a simple one. We focus on the essentials. Everything else such as bloated product features and expensive marketing campaigns, are left out, because neither your teeth nor your wallet have an advantage of that!

    Is the happybrush also suitable for children?

    Dentists recommend the use of electric toothbrushes for adults from 12 years and older.

    Is the happybrush waterproof?

    The handle and the charging station are waterproof with a protection class IPX7, the power supply has a protection class IPX4.

    Is there any animal testing?

    Certainly not! Furthermore, our toothpaste and electric toothbrushes have been accepted by Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free & Vegan (PETA).