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Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker with Table Stand (EU), Black

Cell Alpha marks the birth of a new standard in spatial sound. With Triphonic audio, it transforms your space into a field of clear, detailed sound - a fully immersive experience that puts you at the center of your favorite music and entertainment. Cell Alpha is no ordinary speaker. This is smart sound. Available with table or floor stand.

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With no front or back, and no left or right, Cell Alpha transforms your space into a field of sound for a perfectly balanced, room-filling experience. It’s the highest quality audio in any number, and for any layout.


One Cell creates a deep, wide soundfield with immaculate precision no matter where it’s placed.


Two Cells working together in harmony give you a soundstage that fills the whole room. Cells map their location, allowing you to set the stage


Three or more Cells mark the full potential of Triphonic audio. Bend sound to your whim as it fully envelops you, putting you inside the soundfield for the richest, cleanest sound you’ve ever heard.


Triphonic audio is the new beginning of the sound experience. Like no other speaker, Cell Alpha brings reality into your home, reading your room for clearly articulated, personalized sound wherever you are.

Pinpoint Sound Projection

The Triphone– a circular array of three horns that delivers mid and high frequencies– allows for extraordinary precision to place sound where you want it.

Force-Balanced Bass

With woofers that are compact yet mighty, Cell Alpha can achieve 30Hz with no unwanted vibration and pure bass you can feel.

Perfect Clarity

A three-way system with eight drivers, Cell Alpha emits sound from a single point so the full-frequency range reaches your ears simultaneously. Hear everything.

Design to be heard

“Sound is a critical, often overlooked element in our lives. We created Syng so anyone can experience the power of audio.” - Christopher Stringer.


Syng Cell Alpha – the world’s first Triphonic speaker

Cell Alpha is the world’s first Triphonic speaker. Its sound is bigger, richer and clearer than anything you’re used to. With Triphonic audio – a future-facing audio technology – it provides a new kind of listening experience: one that’s super wide, super deep and immersive. Syng calls it super spatial sound.

One Cell fills your room with the most articulate, spacious sound you’ve ever heard out of a single speaker. Each Cell you add envelops you further, offering new perspectives and uncovering details you’ve never heard before, and transforms your space into a fully immersive sound field. You’ve never listened like this before.

Transforming the relationship between humans and sound

The Cell optimizes the sound in the room by figuring out acoustic problems. It detects the exact location of nearby walls and room corners and uses that information to rotate the sound field toward the center of the room. In a multi-Cell system, each Cell detects the distance and angle of the other Cells to optimize the Triphonic rendering, which includes adjusting levels, delays and sound field orientation. In addition, it uses equalization to compensate for low-frequency room modes.

All of this is made possible with three beamforming microphones that provide the data required for the DSP to perform automatic room equalization, wall proximity and direction detection and multi-Cell geometry calculation. The Triphone – a three-horn, eight-driver system built to project sound – then uses its own beamforming to adjust the sound field. With the Syng Space app, you'll have your Cells set up and automatically calibrated to your space in no time.


  • Two woofers in opposing force-balanced configuration
  • Three element, two-way beamforming array
  • Three microphones for automatic room equalization, wall proximity and direction detection and multi-Cell geometry calculation
  • Multi-Cell playback in a room space
  • Frequency response: Smooth (±3 dB) from 30 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Loudness: the Cell can achieve film reference levels (105 dB peaks)


  • Powered speaker, connects over WiFi
  • Stream directly over AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect
  • USB Audio in with two USB-C ports at top and bottom for a clean wire set up (ideal for plugging in record players or laptops)
  • HDMI Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) compatible with Syng Link cable to connect to home theater
  • Use the Syng Space app for quick and easy set up, connecting up to four Cells in a space


  • Cell Alpha
  • Power cable
  • Selected stand

About Syng

Syng is an audio company that builds sound for the future. Having created an entirely new object-based sonic architecture that can play any format of recorded sound and make it tangible, the company's core belief is that everyone should be empowered to engage with the sounds around them in new and innovative ways. The aim is to blur the lines between artist and listener, providing new manners of expression and creative ways of listening for all.

Syng is ready for anything we listen to today, and everything we haven’t yet imagined listening to tomorrow. Welcome to the next generation of audio!

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:CALGRS1EU
Product weight:8.4 kilograms
Audio Inputs, Codecs & Formats
Audio inputs: Wifi
Music streaming services: Spotify
Wifi: Wifi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Dimensions and Weight
Product height: 43.7cm
Product width: 29.875cm
Product length: 29.875cm
Product weight: 8.4kg
Packsize height: 48.3cm
Packsize width: 39.7cm
Packsize length: 39.9cm
Control Methods
Controls: App Controlled
On Device
Controller app: Apple Airplay 2
Proprietary App

    Can I use Cell Alpha with my television?

    You can connect your video content to the Cell Alpha through AirPlay on an Apple TV or other AirPlay compatible Television. With our upcoming Syng Link cable, you’ll be able to plug in eARC TVs directly to your Cell. Syng Link will enable playback of Dolby 5.1 surround through video services that support it. At this time, Cell Alpha does not support Dolby Atmos decoding.

    Is the Cell a Bluetooth speaker?

    No, the Cell uses WiFi to stream audio. Bluetooth is used only during the initial setup.

    Is it made out of glass?

    No, the transparent parts of Cell Alpha are made out of polycarbonate. Glass would retain too much heat and the audio performance would suffer.

    Can I use Cell Alpha outside?

    Cell Alpha is not rated for outdoor use. We recommend using it inside.

    Does Cell Alpha have a voice assistant?

    Cell Alpha does not have voice assistant support. The speaker’s three microphones are there for room calibration – not to listen to you.