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About eleonto

A whole cosmos of range, service and quality.

We are Pioneer headphones, Aarke carbonators, Onkyo receivers, TEAC turntables and Marshall speakers on one galactic playground. We are accessories for all things electronic and luggage travelling around the world. We are the sound for the home and for the road. A modern world of Bluetooth and portable that doesn’t forget the classics.



eleonto About Us ATS Link

ATS trade&service

eleonto About Us ATS LinkWe're with the ATS trade&service GmbH, and we have incorporated the company name into our mantra. We value our customers above all, and offering you the best possible service is the priority of our mission.
eleonto About Us Available At Amazon LinkYou can find us on Amazon Marketplace with raving reviews. We want to make sure our outstanding customer service and impressive product portfolio are accessible beyond our home platform. Playground Future is everywhere - Shop away!
eleonto About Us Trusted LinkIt's not just our cherished customers that trust us. Quality inspection does too. Shopping with us is safe and easy, and your personal data is protected through it all. So go ahead and rest assured - we're verified.