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Vieta Pro #Focus Smartwatch Black

The Vieta experience in a smartwatch

Vieta #Focus Smartwatch

The key to improve our health and well-being starts with learning about ourselves. That's why we designed the new Vieta #Focus Smartwatch to finally put your gym buddy, nurse, and assistant together at your fingertips.

Sport like never before

Monitor your fitness progress with Vieta's smartwatch. It measures physical activity specifically for individual sports; Walking, Running, cycling, jumping rope; and team sports like Badminton, Basketball, and Football. In addition, it tracks your routes with the location of your Smartphone to keep a more advanced control of your activity.

Health at your fingertips

Reduce your worries with continuous and constant monitoring of heart rate and the ability to perform an ECG at any time. It also keeps a precise control of the hours of sleep, the female physiological cycle, and creates an alert to get you up from the seat if you have not moved for some time and even a warning to drink more water if you appear to be dehydrated. In addition, it helps you relax with a breathing guide that helps you breathe more slowly in times of stress.

Never hold back your words

The Vieta #Focus Smartwatch is the perfect companion for communication. The built-in microphone and speaker can help you make and get calls when your hands are busy. In addition, thanks to its excellent user interface, you can easily read all types of notifications, even Whatsapp messages or emails.

Ideal battery life

Perform activities all day long without worrying about battery shortages. Thanks to the autonomy of up to 3 days, you can track your sleep and follow up the rest of your apps without interruptions.

A design with a statement

When we talk about designs that stand out for their solidity and presence, the ideal material is anodized aluminum. The two available colors will make a statement, especially when placed alongside the high-quality silicone straps that match the colors of the case. Finally, a high-definition display with clear and sharp colors allows you to read without any inconvenience. Choose the wallpaper design and customize it to your liking; discover our many proprietary designs that combine needle clocks with digital and sensor information, or choose the many other designs in our app WearPro.

An ideal application

WearPro is the application that connects the Vieta #Focus Smartwatch to your Smartphone and analyzes the data obtained. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the information has never been so clear and easy to interpret. From this point, you can set and schedule alarms, start routes with location services, and add unique wallpaper designs.


  • Model Name - Vieta #Focus Smartwatch 
  • Bluetooth version - 4.0
  • Dimensions - 44 x 38 x 11 mm
  • Material - Aluminum Alloy and Zinc
  • GPS - No
  • Wi-Fi - No
  • Call mode - Yes
  • Simultaneous connection of several Bluetooth devices - Yes
  • Display dimensions - 1.75 inches
  • Chipset Model - Realtek 8762D
  • Application name - WearPro
  • The temperature of use - From -10ºC to 40ºC
  • Storage temperature - From -3ºC to 30ºC
  • Storage Humidity - 20% to 75%.
  • Battery - 180mAh
  • Input power - 5V/1A
  • Weight - 50g
  • Part Number - MVR04
  • Water-resistance - IP67
  • Removable straps - Yes
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:VAQ-MRV04BK
Product weight:0.05 kilograms