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Expert - 1000 Pro

An audiophile icon is born. The Expert 1000 Pro combines two Expert 250 Pro units to create the ultimate Devialet system. With 1000W of power per channel in an exclusive casing, it is capable of driving the most demanding loudspeakers with a staggering authority and refinement.

When Devialet hit the stage of the hi-fi world more than 10 years ago with the D-premiere, the innovative technology and fascinating design of the French amplifier was a real revolution. And that is still true today for the successor models of the Devialet EXPERT series PRO - thanks to constant development, Devialet has managed to be always (at least) one step ahead of the competition.

The Devialet EXPERT 1000 PRO dual-mono amplifier is, at least for now, the ultimate statement from Devialet, where the ADHV2® hybrid amplifier technology is used to the last. A staggering 1,000 watts press the two amplifiers maximum into the speakers - and with a merciless precision and virtually free from distortion. An almost 2,5 kg solid base plate made of solid copper per component supports the heat dissipation and also dampens the housing.

Needless to say, the Devialet EXPERT 1000 PRO has all the latest Devialet technologies, such as the speaker management SAM®, the DAC MAGIC WIRE® D / A conversion and the easy configuration of all options via the online configurator.

The Devialet EXPERT 1000 PRO connectors are the same size and quality as the Devialet EXPERT 440 PRO. This also applies to the integrated high-quality phono preamplifier, which can be tuned extremely precisely to the pickup used. The Devialet EXPERT 1000 PRO receives music data via LAN cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. A separate App from Devialet is available for controlling the streaming. The operation in everyday life is about the currently perhaps most beautiful remote control in the industry. In addition, the Devialet EXPERT 1000 PRO can be connected to up to 8 other Devialet devices over the network.

Like all devices in the Devialet EXPERT series, the Devialet EXPERT 1000 PRO is also based on Devialet's Evo® platform and can be software-upgraded for future technical developments, new standards or formats.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:AM640AU
Product weight:14.8 kilograms