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Aarke Carbonator II Sparkling Water Maker, Polished Steel

The Aarke Carbonator II is the second generation of Aarke sparkling water makers. Our engineering team has made this test-winning gadget even more robust and smooth to use, while keeping the signature look intact.

Home Carbonation. Refined.

Making sparkling water at home has never been this elegant. The Aarke Carbonator II is designed from the inside out to become the slimmest and most compact sparkling water maker in the world.

The Aarke Carbonator II is the second generation of Aarke sparkling water makers. Aarke's engineering team has made this test-winning gadget even more robust and smooth to use, while keeping the signature look intact.

Stylish and intuitive.

The machine is designed with a complete stainless steel enclosure. So forget plastic soda makers of the past. The Carbonator II will make a beautiful addition to your countertop for years to come.

The Carbonator II is very easy to handle. Just fill the bottle with cold water, screw the bottle into the machine, pull the lever down and you are done! It could not be any simpler.

Say hello to the new Carbonator II!

The Aarke brand.

Aarke means ”everyday” in Southern Sami, a language spoken by only 500 people in the north of Sweden. The Aarke brand was founded with the objective to design, produce and sell premium household appliances.

Aarke's mission is to continue adding an innovative twist to everyday products, both in production and design. 

In the box:

  • Carbonator II
  • PET Bottle
  • User manual
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:AA01-C2-STEEL
Product weight:1.6 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:4 Piece

    What type of cylinders work with the Aarke machine?

    The machine is compatible with AGA, Sodastream, Linde, Sodabär, SodaMagic, Vikingsoda and many other standard cylinders, 400-425g / 60l made for sparkling water makers. Please note that Australia and New Zealand has a different standard and the machines sold in these countries will not work with EU/US/Asian cylinders. The Australian / New Zealand machines is compatible with Australian Sodastream and Soda King cylinders.

    Why do you ship an an extra rubber gasket with the machine?

    In the unlikely event that the rubber gasket gets damaged or falls out, we now ship extra gaskets with every machine. If you have a Carbonator 1 (serial number beginning with 16, 17 or 18), you can follow the instructions here how to replace it. For Carbonator II (serial number beginning with 19), the extra gasket is attached on the machine itself (under the foot) and looks a bit different, instructions coming soon for this.

    Why isn’t the Aarke water bottle made of glass instead of PET?

    We agree that glass bottles are nice. But the Aarke Carbonator was designed to be the slimmest most elegant machine possible for the countertop and to allow this slim design PET is the only choice. Glass bottles would require an explosion proof chamber and this would make the machine twice as big and more cumbersome to use. In fact, BPA free PET is a very good material for this application and is not to confuse with single use PET bottles which are a disaster for the environment and our oceans. Our bottle can be used to make thousands of liters of sparkling water in one single bottle and the material is perfectly healthy and leaves no taste in the water, according to several independent test institutes.

    Why is the lever making a click sound before gas comes out into the water bottle?

    If you experience a click just before gas comes down into the bottle, this click is normal and comes from the cylinder and not from the machine. This is because you are using an old Sodastream cylinder. that has a small pin or ball-shaped pin, instead of a bigger plate shaped pin. These cylinders don’t open as smoothly as the ones with a bigger plate. The cylinders with small pins go pretty deep until they release gas, so make sure to screw these cylinders tightly into the machine.

    Can I wash the bottle in the dishwasher?

    Bottles of any material are never suitable for washing in the dishwasher, since you risk having dishwasher powder left in the bottle after the wash programme or that the water never really reached all way up in the bottle. It is NOT ALLOWED to wash our bottle in the dishwasher so we recommend to use the bottle for water only and to add syrups and flavors afterwards in a separate carafe or directly into the glass. If you use it this way, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the water bottle other than cleaning it under running water with a mild detergent.