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Mionix Avoir Black

The Mionix Avoir optic mouse is the freshest-looking gadget for gamers and artists.

Mionix Avoir

The Avior optical gaming mouse brings freshness to your desk. The response time of one millisecond is perfect for those make-or-break moments when playing Overwatch. The Mionix Avior features a customizable RGB LED mouse wheel and an optical sensor without acceleration. The universal ergonomics are ideal for right and left handed users. Avior is the ideal optical mouse for gamers and artists.


  • 5000 DPI (native) optical sensor
  • For left- or right-handed users
  • 4 fully programmable keys
  • Durable, coated soft-touch surface
  • Tangle-free cable
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:MNX-01-27009-G
Product weight:0.117 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:20 Piece

    How Do I Clean My Mionix Mouse?


    Over time we eat donuts and burgers at our desk and our mouse can experience a bit of grease and other dirt on it's exterior. The best way to clean it is to use a damp cloth, warm water and a bit of soap. Make sure to not get any liquid inside the mouse as this will void warranty. Follow this up by wiping off the mouse with a dry cloth


    From time to time dust can accumulate inside your Mionix mouse and hinder it's performance. Once in a while blow air through the mouse wheel or if you feel it needs a much deeper clean, you can remove the feet on the underside of the product and blow compressed air inside. Feet can be purchased via our website. Please note, that opening the product will void the warranty.

    Can I Add A Key Sequence To My Mouse?

    Yes you can! Under one of your mouse button options, select "key sequence" then type in the order of keys you wish to be pressed sequentially. When you then press that button, those keys will be pressed!

    How Do I Change The Click Latency Of My Mouse?

    What is Click Latency? This is a delay used to avoid too many clicks. By increasing the latency, there will be more delay after you press the button for it to "work"

    How do I change the click latency of my mouse?

    1. Open the Mionix Hub v1.5

    2. Go to the Performance tab on the left

    3. Select Safety Click Latency

    What Is The Polling Setting?

    The polling rate determines how often your Mionix mouse sends information to your computer. The polling rate is measured in Hertz (Hz)