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B&O Beoplay H4 Bluetooth Headphones (Charcoal Grey)

Wireless, over-ear headphones with a focus on pure essentials – featuring Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, authentic materials and up to 19 hours of playtime.

Pure Sound

Experience the forceful, authentic and clean Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound through these wireless headphones. Well-balanced with a wide sound stage, these high quality headphones perform best in wireless mode where sound is fine-tuned by equalisers in the Bluetooth 4.2 chip. A generous 19 hours of playtime per charge keeps you connected to your music and calls while you’re on the go.

Pure Materials

Utilising honest, simple and true materials, these over-ear headphones offer quality and comfort. Soft lambskin leather on the headband, memory foam in the ear cushions, stainless steel sliders that have been PVD coated and hairline brushed for a sleek finish, anodised aluminium ear cup discs, and durable braided textiles over the cords ensure these headphones deliver on both style and substance.

Pure Expression

Beoplay H4 wireless headphones are designed with clean lines and minimalist construction for a sleek finish that complements, but never overpowers, your contemporary mobile lifestyle. The stripped-back aesthetic of these Bluetooth headphones allows your own style to shine through. The Beoplay App reinforces this individualism by letting you change your sound profile to match your music to your activity and environment.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:1643874
Product weight:0.6 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:5 Piece
Supported Communication Types: Wireless
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type: Over Ear

    What is the battery life of Beoplay H4?

    If you play music at a moderate volume, the battery in your Beoplay H4 can provide up to 19 hours of playback. 
    In general, battery life depends on volume, music intensity, and equalizer settings. This means that the battery drains faster at a higher volume when playing higher intensity music like rock or heavy metal. 

    Can I connect Beoplay H4 to laptops/PC?

    Yes. If you experience connection issues or Bluetooth signal drop, use an alternative Bluetooth transmitter such as the BT-W2 from Creative.

    Can I change the audio setting on my Beoplay H4?

    Yes. Use ToneTouch from the Beoplay App to enhance your listening experience.

    Can I connect Beoplay H4 to my TV via Bluetooth?

    If your TV supports Bluetooth you can. If there are connection issues or the Bluetooth signal drops, use an alternative Bluetooth transmitter such as Telme2 X.

    Can I connect my Beoplay H4 with an Apple watch?

    Yes. Connect Beoplay H4 with an Apple watch using the Beoplay App.

    Does Beoplay H4/H8i have any power saving features?

    Yes. If Beoplay H4/H8i are not paired, out of Bluetooth range or no music is streaming for 15 minutes or more, it will automatically switch itself off to conserve power. However, if you want to switch it off while it is still within Bluetooth range, you can save power by pressing the center button for 5 seconds.

    How long does it take to fully charge the Beoplay H4 headphone battery?

    A full charge of the battery takes approximately 2.5 hours.

    What is the Bluetooth range?

    Your Beoplay H4/H8i/H9i/H9 3rd Gen have a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters (in line of sight). However, Bluetooth connectivity might be affected by other active Bluetooth devices in the nearby area (e.g., mouse, keyboard, mobile phone, laptops or 2.4 GHz routers). Try to keep the headphones away from other active devices.

    What materials are used for the leather treatment?

    The earpads are made from New Zealand lambskin, and the colour treatment process is conform with all legislation.
    We have not received any customer feedback on allergic reactions due to the leather or colourants used.

    Can I stream music or accept a call during the software update?

    It is not advisable to do so as this will slow down the software update.