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BeoPlay A6 White

BeoPlay A6 is a premium onepoint music system with a wellbalanced sound profile designed to fill the entire room with great sound.
BeoPlay A6 is a premium onepoint music system with a wellbalanced sound profile designed to fill the entire room with a wide-staged sound. It features an intuitive touch interface, flexible design and placement options, easy connectivity with mobile devices and integrated access to music streaming. Designed to fit an ever-changing daily life where everything and everyone are in motion, BeoPlay A6 gives you flexibility to live with music the way you want to, and the opportunity to experience an ambient sound that fills all corners of a room.
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:1200268
Product weight:0.18 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece

    Can I reduce the power consumption of my BeoPlay A6?

    Yes, in order to reduce the power consumption, you must press the low power button on BeoPlay A6.

    How do I play back sources on my BeoPlay A6?

    You can select a source on your hand-held device, with your Bang & Olufsen App, or start playback of an active source with a single tap on the top of BeoPlayA6 (touch bar) or you can use the BeoSound Essence Remote control. When you switch on a new source, the current source stops and playback of the new source starts.

    If playback of a source is started with a single tap on top of BeoPlayA6, playback of the last played source starts if it is still active. If no source is active, Internet radio is selected as source. Depending on your source, a short press on the top of BeoPlayA6 starts playback or unmutes and a long press pauses or mutes. When you switch on a source, it may take a couple of seconds before sound is heard in the BeoPlayA6 speaker.

    Note that some sources such as AirPlay® must be activated on the streaming device first. Sources connected to the LINE IN socket on BeoPlayA6 must be started/stopped on the connected device and when a source connected to LINE IN is stopped, playback can only be restarted after a 10 seconds pause. Also, some functions must be performed on the device.

    How do I set up my BeoPlay A6 for use with TuneIn/Deezer?

    First of all you must have a TuneIn/Deezer account and then you must enter the credentials in the Bang & Olufsen App* to log into your BeoPlay A6.  If you do not have a TuneIn/Deezer account, you can sign up via the TuneIn/Deezer webpages.

    How do I set up my Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9 for use with Spotify?

    First of all you must have a Spotify premium account. You can sign up for a Spotify account via the Spotify webpages ( Your Spotify app must contain the ‘Spotify Connect’ feature, please consult the Spotify webpages for availability and compatibility. Note that Spotify is not available in all countries. Check the Spotify webpages.

    Also make sure that Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9 is updated with the latest software. Automatic system software updates are enabled by default, and this is the recommended setting. Software update may take a while depending on your network connection.

    To start playback on Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9 from your Spotify account for the first time:

    1. Make sure that both your mobile device and Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9 are connected to your home network
    2. Launch the Spotify Connect app
    3. Select the music you wish to listen to and select Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9 as the ‘speaker’ using the speaker icon in the app.

    Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9 incorporates Spotify software which is subject to 3rd party licenses found here:

    Which wireless networks are supported by Beoplay A6/Beoplay M5/Beoplay M3?

    Beoplay A6/Beoplay M5/Beoplay M3 supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (a/b/g/n) networks.

    How do I enable Google Cast on my Beoplay M5/Beoplay A6/Beoplay A9?

    Once the product is connected to your home network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet), use the Bang & Olufsen App on your mobile device, to access the settings of the product and accepting the Google Cast terms & conditions. It can be enabled/disabled at any point via the Bang & Olufsen App, by selecting "YOUR CONTENT" - "GOOGLE CAST" from the menus.

    Can I use BeoPlay A6 to switch all Bang & Olufsen products connected to my network to standby?

    Yes, if you press and hold the   button on the back of BeoPlayA6 for more than 1.5 seconds, your BeoPlay A6 and all Bang & Olufsen products connected to your network (via Network Link) are switched to standby.

    Why can’t I skip tracks, or perform a previous/next function by touching the buttons on my Beoplay A6 / BeoplayA9 ?

    The previous / next functionality is supported by Beoplay A6 / Beoplay A9, but in order to appropriately function it must be also supported by the content app you are using. Not all Google Cast-enabled apps support those functions. One of the apps that we have confirmed supporting the previous/next functions is, for example,  the Deezer app