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Smart Writing Set Tablet + Pen

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set combines all the advantages of analogue creativity with the expansive possibilities of the digital workspace. It allows you to edit your freehand notes on the screen as digitized text.

With the new generation of Moleskine Paper Tablet, Pen+ and the App, see how your ideas move from the page to the screen. Enjoy the practical immediacy of putting the pen on paper, combined with all the benefits of digital creativity.

Ncoded technology allows the Pen+ to detect where you write on the Paper Tablet and capture every movement. The app then transfers costantly your handwritten notes from the page to the screen in real-time, giving you the ability to digitize, edit, organize and share text, and bring your ideas to life. Just tap the envelope icon on the page to share instantly. As part of the wider M+ collection, the Smart Writing Set combines the tools you love to create seamless creativity wherever you are.

Digitalize: digitalize the handwritten notes. Recognition of 15 languages.

Organize, Save, and Find: Sort notes using tags. Search by keywords. Sync with Google Drive and Evernote Cloud

Capture: Pen movements are captured at the same time and can be combined with real-time shots.

Playback: Synchronized notes and audio recordings

Share: Share the ideas via email by tapping the envelope icon at the top of the page. Send the notes as PDF, TIF, Vector or text format

Edit and Select: Change the color of notes and highlight important ideas.


  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3.7V / 300mAh
  • Usage time 125 days standby / 5 hours continuous use
  • Ladezeitca. 2 hours
  • Works with IOS 8.1 and above and Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0 (Classic / BLE)
  • Storage capacity 90MB internal memory
  • Input nominal data DC 5V / 300mA
  • Length pin 156mm (without cap)
  • Weight pin 22g (without cap)
  • Replacement refill replacement refills D1


  • Paper tablet with special paper, developed for working with pen + with dot matrix
  • Pen + smartpen
  • USB cable to recharge the Smart
  • 1 ink replacement refill
  • operation manual
  • the story of Moleskine inside
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:851152
Product weight:0.72 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:4 Piece