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Baggen Multiroom VINYL BLACK

Baggen offers big, well-balanced sound, with a deep bass and generous frequency range. Perfect for larger spaces like living rooms, patios, and open-floor-plan homes.


Connect to your favorite music streaming services, use them as Bluetooth speakers or hook up the turntable. It’s all good.


Save up to 7 of your favorite playlists or radio stations so they’re ready when you get home, or when the vibe in the living room changes.


Combine two or more Urbanears Speakers to create your own multiroom audio system. Play a different mood in each room or set up a synchronized playdate.


The right vibrations start on the inside. These wireless speakers fill your space with the ultimate in multiroom audio and give your ears an uncompromising experience in sound.

Real Knobs

Forget about cold, cryptic interfaces. These wireless speakers have real knobs. Navigate your music the new-old fashioned way with a simple twist and a push.


These fabric-wrapped speakers fit in with any space and play along with your individual tastes. Pick from six different colors, from quiet neutrals to stand-out louds.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:04091930
Product weight:8.4 kilograms
Supported Communication Types: Wireless

    How to - Speakers - First time setup

    To get the most out of your speaker and to enable cloud streaming, it needs to be configured first. This will also ensure that it stays current with the latest software updates and features. What you need to get started: Urbanears Connected Speaker Power outlet Working Wi-Fi connection with access to fast internet for streaming services Smartphone with at least Android 4.03 or iOS 9.0 The Urbanears Connected app (available on App Store and Google Play) Steps for initial setup: 1. Plug one end of the power cord into the power jack located on the bottom of your speaker, and the other end into a power outlet. Note: In some regions, several power cords may be included. Use the power cord and plug that are applicable to your region. Only connect to the correct mains voltage, as shown, on the bottom of your speaker. 2. While your speaker is booting up, the SOLO and MULTI indicators will light up continuously. Once it is ready for setup, the ring of lights around the SOURCE knob will blink continuously. 3. Use your smartphone to search for the Urbanears Connected app on Google Play or in the App Store and download it. Start up the app and follow in-app instructions to complete speaker setup.

    How to - Speakers - Play via Spotify Connect

    There are several ways to play via Wi-Fi, such as via Spotify Connect. When any of the featured Wi-Fi sources are active, the source indicator next to the CLOUD icon will be lit, except for when a preset is playing.

    Spotify Connect lets you control your speaker from inside the Spotify app.

    1. Start playing some of your favorite music.
    2. Select your speaker from the 'Devices Available' menu.

    How to - Speakers - Play via Internet Radio

    Your speaker has an embedded internet radio service that gives you access to thousands of radio stations from around the world. 

    1. Open the Urbanears Connected app and tap on the speaker you want to stream to.
    2. Swipe to 'Cloud' in the source menu.
    3. Tap on 'Internet Radio' and select a station to play.

    How to - Speakers - Play via Bluetooth

    To play music from a Bluetooth compatible device, start by pairing the device with your speaker.

    Once your speaker has been paired with a Bluetooth device, the pairing is saved and you can reconnect at any time. Your speaker can save up to 8 device pairings.

    1. Turn the SOURCE knob to the BLUETOOTH icon and push once.
    2. Your speaker connects to the last paired Bluetooth device. If it is not available, it will try to connect to the second last.How to - Speakers - Set your Speaker to Multi Mode or Solo Mode
    3. Multiple Urbanears Connected Speakers can be added to the same Wi-Fi network to form a multi-room system. Play each speaker individually in Solo Mode, or group up to five speakers together in Multi Mode for synchronized play. Multi Mode can be managed on your speaker’s top panel, or inside the Urbanears Connected app.

    4. To switch from Solo Mode to Multi Mode on your speaker, push the VOLUME knob.
      The indicator under MULTI will light up when selected.
    5. Repeat for each additional speaker that you want to add to the Multi Mode group.
    6. To remove a speaker from the group, push the VOLUME knob again. Your speaker will switch to Solo Mode and will leave the Multi Mode group.
    7. Note: In Solo Mode, your speaker is listed as a single speaker with its given name in the 'Devices Available' menu on AirPlay and Spotify. In Multi Mode, your speakers are listed as 'MULTI' in the 'Devices Available' menu. Even if only one speaker is set to Multi Mode, it will still be listed with the name 'MULTI' on AirPlay and Spotify.

    How to - Speakers - Adjust the equalizer settings

    The equalizer can be adjusted from inside the Urbanears Connected app. Fine-tune your speaker’s treble/bass balance to complement different types of music and find your listening sweet spot.