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CDJ-350 Rekordbox-ready digital deck Blk

The entry-level CDJ-350 inherits many traits from our pro-DJ decks, making it a perfect springboard to professional sounding sets.

A DJ deck that is designed to impress

The entry-level CDJ-350 inherits many traits from our pro-DJ decks, making it a perfect springboard to professional sounding sets. Play from CDs and USB devices, or connect to your PC/Mac for plug-and-play control of compatible DJ software.

The CDJ-350 comes bundled with rekordbox™ music management software to analyse the BPM of your tracks and help you with every aspect of preparing your sets, while features such as Beat Lock make mixing effortless.

Other features include:

Transfer songs to a playlist with just one button

Excellent vibration-resistance thanks to its Shock-Proof Memory and Floating Architecture

Resume function for discs that are removed and later reloaded

USB playback

It still plays your MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files stored on USB devices.

Rekordbox dj

You can use this product to control rekordbox dj software. rekordbox dj is a rekordbox Plus Pack that unleashes performance features including Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Colour FX, Beat FX, Beat Jump and Pad FX. Simply buy rekordbox dj, activate your licence key, and start DJing.

Beat display

Get at-a-glance information about BPM, beat position and playback with the BEAT Display function. It makes scratching and looping easier and all the more fun.

In the loop

Trigger loops with a touch of a button: Beat Loop matches the beat and repeats a 4-beat loop, Loop Divide plays the loop at a different rhythm, and Hot Loop will return to the start of the loop and play it.

Lock the beat

Hit BPM Lock to set a master deck and the other decks will match that tempo for effortless mixes.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:CDJ-350
Product weight:2.07 kilograms

    How can I quickly search for music among large amounts of music data?

    There is a function for sorting files in different categories. Sorting is also possible by keyword searching.

    Are m3u playlists supported?

    m3u playlists are not supported on the CDJ itself, but they are supported with the included rekordbox software.

    How is the history operated?

    On the CDJ-350, the files that have been played during DJ play are automatically recorded in the history. When this history is imported to rekordbox, the playback history can be checked.

    Does the CDJ-350 have an auto loop function?

    Yes. 4-beat loops are created automatically by pressing the BEAT LOOP button.

    What is the tempo adjustment range?

    When switched to the wide mode, the tempo can be adjusted by ±100% (for CD-DAs only).

    Are music formats other than MP3 supported?

    In addition to MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF are also supported.

    What is the "library" function?

    1. Library browsing is possible when a library is created using the "rekordbox" music management software included with the CDJ-350. Library browsing is a function for selecting and searching for files by category specified with rekordbox (album, artist, track, playlist, history, etc.). 2. In addition to the above, files can also be selected in libraries created on the MEP-7000 with Library Creator (a library creation software program for the MEP-7000).