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XDJ-RR All-in-one DJ system Rekordbox

Take your performances to the next level with the XDJ-RR all-in-one DJ system for rekordbox. This 2-channel DJ solution will help you become familiar with club-standard gear as you transition from DJing at home to commanding parties, bars, and clubs.

Play your own way

The XDJ-RR lets you choose how you'd like to perform. You can plug in your USB drive and play tracks directly, use Link Export mode to access your entire rekordbox library via your laptop without needing to export your music to a USB drive, or, if you'd prefer, you can connect your PC/Mac with a single USB cable to harness Performance mode in rekordbox dj. It's all up to you.

Large colour screen

See what's happening on both players simultaneously via the 7-inch colour screen. Keep an eye on the playback status, BPM, waveform, and other information vital to performing creative, smooth sets.

Performance controls

Enhance your mixes using dedicated buttons for performance features. Remix tracks live by triggering Hot Cues in fresh sequences, chop loops on the fly with Beat Loop, use Slip Loop to re-introduce tracks in the perfect place, and bounce to the bar of your choice with Beat Jump.

Mixer with Pro features

Deliver fine-tuned mixes with the help of EQs and channel faders which feature the same curves as those on our professional club mixer, the DJM-900NXS2. You can also customise your routines with the popular Beat FX - Echo, Reverb and Flanger - and dial up the texture and tension with Sound Color FX - Filter, Noise, Dub Echo and Pitch.

Rekordbox DJ

The XDJ-RR comes bundled with our professional performance application, rekordbox dj, so you can simply activate your licence key and power up to start DJing straight out of the box. Unlock even more features by combining the XDJ-RR with our DDJ-XP1 sub controller (available separately) and the crowd won't know what hit them.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:XDJ-RR/SYXJ
Product weight:5.2 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece

    Is operation possible even when the USB sound card built into this unit and the sound card of another device are connected to the same computer?

    Normal operation is not guaranteed in this case. We strongly recommend connecting only this unit to the computer's USB port when using this unit.

    How should I set the DJ application's audio settings when the mixer mode is set to the "XDJ-RR"?

    When the mixer mode is set to the "XDJ-RR", two channels worth of the DJ application's sound can be input to the XDJ-RR. Set this as shown below.

    To input to channel 1 on the XDJ-RR:
    -L: XDJ-RR OUT 1
    -R: XDJ-RR OUT 2
    To input to channel 2 on the XDJ-RR:
    -L: XDJ-RR OUT 3
    -R: XDJ-RR OUT 4

    To input to channel 1 on the XDJ-RR:
    To input to channel 2 on the XDJ-RR:

    Can this unit be used for MIDI control of DJ software?

    This unit outputs MIDI signals synchronized with operation of buttons and controls, so it can be used to control DJ software on the computer connected to the USB port. For instructions on making the MIDI output settings.