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Ellipse Pen+ Smartpen

The Pen + Ellipse smartpen by Moleskine is easy to use and provides pure writing pleasure. It combines the natural spontaneity of expression on the pages of a notebook with all the advantages of unlimited digital creativity.

Bridging the gap between paper and the digital world

Simple to use and a pleasure to write with, the Pen+ Ellipse smart pen by Moleskine combines the natural immediacy of expressing yourself on the pages of a notebook with all the advantages of borderless digital creativity.

Always ready

Just like Moleskine Classic Pens, the Pen+ Ellipse clips to any hard cover, ready to jot down thoughts whenever inspiration strikes. Its shape is inspired by the same rectangular form, while its curved cross-section matches the distinctive rounded edges of the Paper Tablet. 

Discover multiplicity

Whether your focus is note-taking, sketching or planning, you can choose from a range of compatible paper formats and layouts to build your own Smart Writing System around the Pen+ Ellipse. The Smart Writing System works thanks to Ncoded paper technology that allows the Pen+ Ellipse to recognize individual pages, different Paper Tablets, and specific times and dates in the Smart Diary/Planner. 

Work efficiently

Each pen stroke is captured in real time and immediately transferred to your device and a world of connected apps and services via the Moleskine Notes app. Simply put pen to paper to seamlessly move words, graphics, ideas and events directly to your smartphone or tablet. Watch as your content flows off the page, ready to be developed, saved and shared on screen. 

What comes in the box

  • Pen+ Ellipse smart pen
  • USB cable for smart pen recharging 
  • pen tip ink refill 
  • Volant XS Starter Journal

The Moleskine Notes app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:718889
Product weight:0.1 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece

    Can I use the MOLESKINE PEN+ without connecting it to my device?

    You can write with the Moleskine Pen+ even when it's not connected to the Moleskine Notes app, as long as the power is on. Your notes will be stored in the internal memory of the Moleskine Pen+ and later transferred to Moleskine Notes. iOS, Android: If notes are not automatically transferred, go to: Main Menu Pen Data Transfer Windows 10: If notes are not automatically transferred: Click on the sync button (circle arrows) Click Transfer

    How do I protect the notes stored in the MOLESKINE PEN+?

    How to set a password If you didn't set a password when you first paired your Moleskine Pen+, you will be able to set a password by going to: Main Menu Settings Pen Information Set Password Enter a 4 digit password of your choice (0000 not available) Re-enter the password Tap 'OK' to complete How to change the password Connect the Moleskine Pen+ to the app and go to: Main Menu Settings Pen Information Change Password Enter the new password Re-confirm the new password Tap 'OK' to complete

    Can I use a phone or tablet USB battery charger?

    Yes. This won't affect battery life.

    How do I pair the MOLESKINE PEN+?

    You need to register your Moleskine Pen+ to Moleskine Notes, before use.

    With the Moleskine Pen+ turned off, hold the power button for a few seconds until the LED light flashes blue. Then place the pen next to your smart device and follow the instructions to register it to Moleskine Notes.
    You will be able to set a password for your Moleskine Pen+.

    Can I connect the MOLESKINE PEN+ to more than one device?

    Yes, although not at the same time. However, you can easily switch between paired devices by simply unregistering and re-registering the Moleskine Pen+.

    Can I use a standard ink refill?

    Yes. The Moleskine Pen+ uses a standard D1 mini refill that is widely available in various formats and colors.

    The refill included is a D1 by Zebra.

    We can provide a recommended refill list to guarantee the best performance of the Moleskine Pen+: Ncoded technology uses carbon ink, so all other strokes need to be carbon-free in order to not affect recognition precision.

    We recommend a Zebra 4C pen tip, which is the default pen tip for the Moleskine Pen+ (decent recognition guaranteed).

    Please note that Moleskine Pen+ refills aren't available for purchase from Moleskine.