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BeoPlay P2 Black

Truly personal and fully portable, Bluetooth speaker with rich sound, designed so you can enhance and amplify your personal audio experience.

Small Speaker. Big Sound

Equipped with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, this mini speaker delivers major sound quality so you can enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard. Using an anodised aluminium cone structure, the newly designed mid-woofer driver produces impressive sound reproduction and good definition of bass and kick drums.

Premium Materials

The Beoplay P2 is crafted from premium materials that look and feel as good as the wireless speaker sounds. A pearl-blasted anodised aluminium grill over a polymer frame protects delicate drivers while adding a smooth, tactile surface that is designed to be touched. A genuine-leather carrying strap on the handsome speaker ensures effortless portability.

The Beat Goes On

The beat goes on with up to 10 hours of playtime on a single battery charge. This portable speaker keeps up with your active lifestyle, providing plenty of power for listening to music and podcasts, or making and receiving calls while you’re on the go. Should the party outlive the battery life, simply recharge with the included USB-C cable and keep the music going.

Hands-Free Calling & Voice Activation

Equipped with a built-in Bluetooth microphone, the Beoplay P2 allows you to make and receive calls clearly while you’re on the go. A voice-activation smart feature offers even more hands-free convenience. To activate, simply connect via your Beoplay App and select Voice Activation and Speakerphone with a simple tap on your P2 speaker.

Tap & Shake Smart Features

A Bluetooth speaker for a new generation, the P2 comes complete with easy-to-use smart features. Through simple tap or shake interactions, users can play and pause music, skip a track, engage voice activation and speakerphone, set a wake-up alarm with snooze functionality, and match up a ToneTouch sound profile with their current activity.

A Customised Audio Experience

In keeping with the truly personal listening experience this portable Bluetooth speaker offers, the Beoplay P2’s functions can be customised via the Beoplay App. Users can choose which tap and shake functions they wish to enable and even match ToneTouch sound profiles with whatever they’re doing.

Amplify. Anywhere.

The Beoplay P2 wireless speaker is designed to move with you. Truly portable, this mini speaker fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and it's easy to tuck away in a pocket or bag. The durable dust and splash-resistant design makes it a practical outdoor speaker option and the handy leather strap lets you simply grab it and go.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:1280426
Product weight:0.3 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:20 Piece

    What is the battery life of Beoplay P2?

    If you play music at moderate volume levels (eg. volume settings at 5 out of 16 for iOS version), the battery of your P2 is capable of running up to 10 hours. In general, the battery life depends on the volume level, intensity of the music and equalizer setting. This means that the battery drains faster at higher volume when playing higher intensity music, like rock or heavy metal.

    Can I use any cable for charging the Beoplay P2?

    For safety reasons, we recommend that you use either the cable that came with the Beoplay P2 or any original cables from B&O PLAY.

    What are the features offered by the Beoplay App?

    Use the Beoplay App to customize the interaction with the Beoplay P2. Choose between Alarm Clock, Voice Activation, Remote, and more. Also, receive notifications for the latest software updates and customize your sound profile with ToneTouch.

    How do I answer an incoming call when Beoplay A1/P2/P6 is connected to my computer via a USB?

    To answer the incoming call, use the answer button on the communication software (e.g., Skype)