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Signature Sound

It may look small from the outside, but decades of sound experience have been packed into this portable speaker system. Proprietary ambient sound processing delivers the superior audio performance listeners have come to expect from Bang & Olufsen. The result is big sound with a small footprint.

Listen Longer

For optimal on-the-go performance, this wireless speaker gives you up to 24 hours of playback from a single charge. An LED indicator tells you when it’s time to recharge the built-in battery. After 2.5 hours of 5V – 3A charging, you’re ready for another full day of portable power with moderate use.

Durable Design

Balancing hard with soft and warm with cold, the A1 offers durable performance and a unique tactile experience. The lightweight aluminium dome is dust and splash-resistant. This protects the high-quality electronic components within, while double-moulded polymer creates a solid base. In contrast to the cool hard surfaces, the leather strap will develop a warm patina over time.

Portable Sound

B&O’s designers and technicians joined forces to draw big sound from this ultra-portable speaker, producing a peak power of 2X140W. In Ambient mode, the A1 provides an unrivalled full stereo experience with True360 sound. With better dispersion, volume and bass than competing products, A1 is a leader in portable performance. This 600 g Bluetooth speaker is small enough to travel with you everywhere you go.

Intuitive Technology

Enjoy an innovative speaker system by connecting two A1s for a wireless stereo sound experience. A1 features a Connect Button to conveniently activate your most recently played music at launch. You can also personalize your listening experience, set up wireless stereo pairing and update products with the latest software via the intuitive ToneTouch technology of the Beoplay app.

Get It to Go

You don’t stay in one place so why should your music? The lightweight A1 easily stows away in your suitcase or your backpack so you can enjoy it wherever your travels take you. With an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours, this portable speaker is ready to go along for the ride, the flight or the hike.

Sound Is Social

A1’s portability lets you bring the party with you. Share new music with new friends or enjoy old favourites with old pals. Clear calling via the omni-directional microphone lets you stay in touch with family and colleagues while True360 sound allows you to bring the dance party with you wherever you go.

Mobile Professional

Innovative form and function make A1 a smart companion for on-the-go professionals. With its unique rimmed design, A1’s shape allows for uniform speech sensitivity from the built-in microphone. The omni-directional microphone located at the bottom of the device provides listeners with 360 voice recognition, regardless of where the speaker is positioned in relation to the mic. Whether you’re chatting with friends or teleconferencing for work, you’ll appreciate the enhanced voice recognition and uniform speech sensitivity.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:1297846
Product weight:0.6 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:4 Piece

    What is the battery life of Beoplay A1?

    If you play music at moderate volume levels (eg. volume step 14 of 32), the battery of your A1 is capable of running up to 24 hours. In general, the battery life depends on the volume level, intensity of the music and equalizer setting. This means that the battery drains faster at higher volume when playing higher intensity music, like rock or heavy metal.

    Can I use Beoplay A1/P2 outdoors?

    Yes, because A1/P2 is dust and splash resistant. However, don't submerge it in water.

    How long does it takes to fully charge Beoplay A1?

    A full charge of the battery varies based on the type of charger used. For example:

    • USB-C charger (3A capable): approximately 2.5 hours
    • USB-A charger (1.5A): approximately 4 hours

    How do I control my Beoplay A1 volume using a USB?

    When A1 is connected to your computer via a USB, the volume control is either on the A1 volume button or on the volume control on your computer's software (e.g., Windows media player). The volume buttons on your computer may not affect the speaker's volume.

    Can I play music while charging my Beoplay A1/P2?

    Yes, you can enjoy your music while charging A1/P2. But, if the battery level is below 15%, you need to allow time for battery to charge up before you can play at maximum volume. 

    Will my Beoplay A1/P2 remember the last played volume setting?

    Yes, the A1/P2 will play at the last volume setting; however, if the last played volume is maximum, A1/P2 will play at two-thirds of the maximum volume to avoid damaging your hearing.

    Can I only connect two identical speakers in wireless stereo pairing mode?

    Yes, you can only pair two identical speakers in wireless stereo mode, for example, A2 Active and A2 Active, A1 and A1.

    How many devices can be connected to the speaker in the wireless stereo pairing mode?

    Only one device can be connected to the Master speaker.

    What is the maximum distance between two BeoplayA1 speakers in wireless stereo pairing mode?

    The distance between two speakers for wireless stereo pairing must not exceed 3 meters.