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Maestro MkII Grey - EU

Natural, crystal clear and powerful audio. IXION is designed to fill your life with the sounds you love. Created, designed and handmade in Norway.

IXION Maestro is based on innovative solutions and advanced technology. Yet it’s as easy as pie to use. You can connect up to 7 other IXION speakers, stream music and listen to more than 100,000 radio channels.

Designed by Bård Eker
IXION is designed from the inside out. That means that it sounds fantastic, has timeless design, maintains its high quality and is built to last. 100% quality. Always.

Unique distribution of audio signals through your electricity cables Power Line Communication (PLC) ensures that audio signals never deteriorate.

Sound that excites
2 powerful 2.75″ front speakers and a 5.5″ subwoofer. These are housed in a specially-built acoustic cabinet to minimise resonance and ensure optimum sound quality.

Access to more than 40 million songs and albums
Tidal and Spotify Connect preinstalled. Stream music – you can access just about all the music in the world.

100% quality.
Built to last. Aluminium top and base. Oversized electricity supply, 4 amplifiers and quad-core processor. Everything you need to extend lifetime and boost quality.

Plug in to the mains – and you’re ready to play. Control using app or the integrated touchscreen.
Over 100.000 radio channels and more Whether you prefer online radio, DAB+, or FM. IXION Maestro gives you all the radio you want. Now and in the future.

IXION Maestro is built with 2 powerful 2.75″ front speakers and a 5.5″ subwoofer. These are housed in a specially-built acoustic cabinet to minimise resonance and ensure optimum sound quality.

Preinstalled Services
Tidal, Spotify Connect and TuneIn are already installed on the IXION Maestro. The same applies to FM/DAB/DAB+ and online radio. Stream music from the built-in or other streaming services via your smartphone, iPad or laptop.

Quad Core Amplifiers
Oversized power supply ensures greater durability and better quality. Quad-core processor provides sufficient speed for high quality audio. 4 amplifiers help create incomparable audio. 24BIT/192 KHz lets you play high quality media files.

Audio Distribution
IXION sends the audio signals via your existing electricity network. The PLC has lots of capacity for high quality audio currents, whether CD quality (WAV files) or fast, high resolution (24bit/192KHz), and the power to handle future formats.

We are constantly working on product development of new features. Your IXION products will be automatically updated with new software.

Specially designed acoustic cabinet with aluminium top and bottom minimizes resonance. Electrical components housed in their own cabinet separated from speakers.

H:22 cm. W: 22 cm. D 22 cm.. Weight: 7.3 kg.


  • SPDIF digital input
  • RCA input
  • 3,5 mm jack (stereo)
  • 3,5 mm input for headphones (stereo)
  • FM/DAB+ aerial (f coupler)
  • LAN
  • USB-port
  • WiFi (2,4/5 GHz)
  • Bluetooth (APTX)

Ixion is build to last. That’s why we give a 5 year guarantee on our products.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:11017
Product weight:6.1 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece
Supported Communication Types: Wireless

    Bluetooth connection

    The Bluetooth connection rely on the connected device to be in close proximity to the Maestro. Even a human body can stop the signal from reaching the connected device. To ensure the most stable connection, leave the device close to the Maestro when using Bluetooth. When the Bluetooth loose connection it has to be manually reconnected. Some apps are programmed to start playing automatically when Bluetooth connects. This can in some cases be quite annoying so that is why the automatic reconnect option is disabled on IXION Maestro.

    Wifi and Chromecast

    There are reported issues with Google Home and Chromecast devices that might interfere with your WiFi. The issues are explained in the link below. Also check your WiFi vendor to see if your product is affected or not.Google have made some corrections to this issue. Check that your Chromecast is updated to the latest version.

    USB power

    The USB input on the Maestro is designed for USB storage devices. The USB input is not capable of powering external 5V devices like e.g Chromecast Audio.

    IXION Audio Synchronization and Spotify

    Since Spotify is a feature that runs in parallel with the IXION system, the procedure for playing Spotify synchronized on the IXION system is slightly different. First start Spotify as you normally do and start playing the desired music on your IXION Maestro. To activate the IXION Audio Synchronization open the IXION app and go to the Speaker-page. Now click the Zone All icon to send Spotify to all other speakers connected to your IXION Maestro.

    DAB on Solo:2 speaker

    The IXION Solo:2 will play DAB when the IXION system is in IXION synchronous multiroom mode. It is not possible to play DAB standalone on the Solo:2 speaker. It's possible that the channel you would like to listen to is on TuneIn. Try searching for the radio station in TuneIn and play on Solo:2 from there.

    Can I log in with my TuneIn account

    There is currently no option to log in with an existing TuneIn account. You can use TuneIn to play stations but you will not be able to connect to own favorites through your TuneIn-account.

    FM static

    The Maestro FM radio is a simple function. The FM radio have no RDS option and it is not possible to name channels. In Norway, the FM band is almost completely gone but DAB is widely used. If you experience reduced audio quality or no signal check that the antenna is properly fastened. If there is still noise or no signal try using DAB or TuneIn.